Replacement Windows

Simonton vinyl windows

Getting windows replaced in your home can improve its look, increase indoor comfort, decrease your utility costs, and facilitate the window cleaning process. Replacing your windows is an investment, but one that can bring long-term benefits and increase your home’s value.

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

How do you know if you should replace those old windows? There are several criteria to use to determine if it’s time. Do you notice your utility bills rising? Do you feel a draft when you run your hand around window frames? Are the windows hard to open or lock? Answers to those questions and more can help you decide.

How to Choose the Right Replacement Windows 

There are many brands of windows available, and they can be constructed of different materials. Some brands are better made. Some materials are more durable. It’s wise to weigh the pros and cons to get the windows that best meet your needs and budget.

You don’t want to install just any brand of windows in your home. Choosing higher end windows may cost more initially, but the investment will make up for it in beauty, durability, and functionality.

Window Materials

Window frames are available in several materials, including vinyl, wood and wood-clad, fiberglass, aluminum, and composite (a combination of wood, metal, and vinyl). They each have their pros and cons, so make sure you do your research and seek guidance from a professional before purchasing them. 

One factor to consider when deciding on the frame material for your replacement windows is the geographic location. Some materials work better in colder climates, while others can better tolerate the heat and humidity.

Window Styles and Types

If you have or want to get windows that don’t meet the “standard” openings, you may need to look for manufacturers who offer those different styles. Make sure the brand of windows you choose offers all the styles you are looking for before signing a contract.  

Why Choose Premium Windows

As the name implies, premium windows should offer higher quality, increased durability, better energy efficiency, more choices, and a longer lifespan. Be cautious with the term “premium”, however. Some manufacturers may advertise their windows as premium but their definition of premium might differ from other window manufacturers. 

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Benefits of Replacing Your Windows 

If your current windows are old, of inferior quality, or installed incorrectly, there are many disadvantages. By getting them replaced with premium, highly-rated windows installed by a certified windows installer, you’ll experience perks like clearer views, more comfortable temperatures, and lower utility bills. 

New premium windows provide long term savings that make up for the initial expense. They will add significant value to your home, while saving you money in heating and cooling costs. Your curb appeal will improve, as will your indoor comfort.

Return on Investment

Replacing the windows on your home is one of the best ways to increase its value. In fact, window replacement ranks in the top 10 of home improvement projects that recoup the most cost.

Energy Efficiency and Comfort

To achieve the highest level of efficiency for your home’s heating and cooling, it’s best to keep a tight seal around the perimeter. New premium windows (especially those that are highly rated with Energy Star) that are properly installed will keep the outside air from getting inside, thus reducing the work on your HVAC system and lowering your utility bills. 

If your windows are older, the sealants may have deteriorated and the frames might have warped over time. These issues allow the outside air to seep inside so it’s difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature. During the height of summer, when heat and humidity are at their worst, it not only makes for an uncomfortable atmosphere, it can cause moisture to accumulate indoors, sometimes leading to mold and mildew.

To reduce heat loss through windows, the installation of double/triple glazing can significantly reduce any losses. Generally, the gaps between the panes of glass are filled with air.


Curb appeal matters whether you plan to sell your home or not. It’s the first impression visitors get when they approach your house. If the window panes are cracked or foggy, or the frames warped or damaged, it gives the impression that you don’t properly maintain your home. 

Pella Windows

The Pella brand has been around for almost 100 years! That’s quite an accomplishment, but not surprising. They are constantly searching for innovative solutions to improve their windows and doors. They’ve received over 150 patents as a result of their innovations.

Pella offers a wide selection of styles and designs to complement any architectural structure. There are hundreds of combinations of shapes, colors, and frame materials to choose from. You are sure to find the right ones for your home.

Most Pella products are custom made specifically to the measurements of your home. They have nine manufacturing locations, all in the United States. They offer exceptional customer service before, during and after installation. 

Pella products are made with the highest quality and workmanship. They are so confident in the performance and durability of their windows and doors that they offer limited lifetime warranties on all of their products. 

Simonton Windows

Simonton has been making high quality windows and doors since 1946. Their premium vinyl windows are designed for structural integrity and weather resistance. They also meet ENERGY STAR® guidelines and are considered thermal-efficient.

Simonton offers a Lifetime Limited Warranty on their windows and patio doors. This warranty can be transferred to the new homeowners, as well. That’s a great selling point for potential buyers. 

With an industry-leading warranty, you can depend on Simonton for long-lasting endurance and performance. From the vinyl and hardware to the screens, glass units and unique options, every feature of your Simonton window and door is covered.

Hiring the Right Company for Window Installation

Replacing the windows in your home is not a project that is done very often. Depending on the quality of the windows and how they were installed, windows could last 20-30 years. 

Most homeowners, no matter how handy, don’t have the experience in installing windows. With the investment you’re making in the cost of the windows themselves, do you really want to risk them being dysfunctional because of incorrect installation? Also, warranties may be voided if they are installed incorrectly.

Replacing windows is a big job. Windows are heavy and installing them requires more than one person. If you’re only replacing one or two, it may be doable as a DIY project. But if there are a lot of windows involved, it’s wiser to hire a contractor certified in installing not only windows, but the brand of windows you choose.

When you research window replacement contractors, look for certain factors like:

  • Are they local?

  • How many years have they been in business?

  • Are they certified in the particular brand of windows to be installed?

  • Check their reviews and ask for references.

  • Are they licensed and insured?

Banner Construction has been installing windows for over 20 years. We only carry and install premium windows -- Pella and Simonton -- because we believe that they are the best premiere windows available. We are certified installers for both brands, so you know you’ll get your windows installed correctly. 

What to Expect during a Windows Replacement Project

The process of getting your windows replaced can be noisy, invasive, and annoying. Just as with any major renovation, your home might be chaotic for a day or more. The duration of the project depends on several factors, like the number of windows being installed, the size of the installation crew, your schedule, and other circumstances affecting your project. 

Setting the start date for the project also depends on criteria like your schedule, the installer’s timelines, the availability of your desired products, weather conditions, and more. All factors will affect the timeline for your project, so it’s advantageous to take these into account and set your expectations appropriately.

Caring for Your New Replacement Windows

Once you get your new premium replacement windows installed by a certified installer, you can rest assured that they will last for many years. However, there are some things you can do to keep them maintained for the best performance and appearance.

Although your new windows will look and function better than the old ones, regular maintenance is recommended to keep them that way. Inspecting the windows for worn seals, windows sticking and other malfunctions can reveal areas that need attention. Most homeowners can do the maintenance themselves, or contact professionals to perform the work.

Your new Pella or Simonton windows will do a great job in keeping the outdoor weather from seeping into your home. However, as time goes on, the seals and stripping around the windows may become worn.  Weatherizing windows is a task that can help keep out drafts in the cold weather and save on utility bills. 

Keeping your windows clean and sparkling will extend their lifespan, as well as increase their beauty. Cleaning them requires more than just cleaning the glass panes. The window tracks and sills attract dirt and debris, which can impair the smooth operation of the windows. Dirty screens can result in dust, pollen and other allergens entering open windows. 

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