Vinyl Siding

Why Choose Banner Construction for Your Vinyl Siding Needs in St. Louis?

Are you looking for a St. Louis vinyl siding contractor? Look no further! Banner Construction is
the top choice for vinyl siding in St. Louis and the surrounding areas. From using the highest
grade materials and expert craftsmanship to their incredible customer satisfaction guarantee,
Banner Construction leaves nothing to chance when taking care of its customers. With a
commitment to service, great attention to detail, and competitive rates, Banner Construction has
the perfect solution for any vinyl siding project.

How Banner Construction Stands out from Other Contractors

Banner Construction stands out because of its commitment to the highest workmanship and
customer service standards. They use only the highest-grade materials, ensuring their
customers get the best results. Furthermore, Banner Construction offers competitive prices for
all its services, meaning homeowners can rest assured that they get the best deal possible.

Vinyl Siding

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With its team of experienced and knowledgeable contractors, Banner Construction is the clear choice for finding the perfect vinyl siding solution for your home in St. Louis.

  • Expertise in Vinyl Siding

Having worked with vinyl siding for years, their team brings unparalleled experience that cannot be matched. Banner Construction's expertise in the industry means they know exactly what makes a strong and durable vinyl siding product that not only looks great but can withstand harsh St. Louis weather. Selecting the best materials means they can provide a long-term solution that won't need constant maintenance or replacement. With their vast knowledge and skill set, Banner Construction ensures that each job is completed efficiently and with quality when installing vinyl siding. Choosing the trusted professionals at Banner Construction is essential when deciding which vinyl siding is best for your renovation project.

  • Dedication to Providing High-Quality Services

It's no wonder so many homeowners across St. Louis turn to the experts at Banner Construction for all their vinyl siding needs. With their years of experience behind them and dedication to providing superior quality services, Banner Construction is one of the most trusted names for vinyl siding installation. They stand committed to continued success by offering quality products and professional installation services that ensure that each job is done right the first time around - so no matter what project you may be tackling next, Banner Construction has you covered!

  • Professional Installation Services

Taking on a project like a vinyl siding installation can be intimidating. Banner Construction is the go-to choice in St. Louis to get the job done right. Their professional installation services ensure that your vinyl siding is installed with precision and accuracy, so you can rest assured that your home will be protected. Their team of professional installers has honed their craft to provide homeowners with the best possible outcome. A quality siding installation job means more than good looks. With expert installation, property owners won't have to worry about maintenance issues, mold, or mildew buildup from moisture accumulation. Their team has years of experience and uses the latest technology to ensure accuracy. They are trained to install vinyl siding to the manufacturer's specifications for peak performance. Their customers can rest easy knowing they're working with top industry professionals who care about delivering only the highest results.

  • Commitment to Excellence

Banner Construction stands behind its work and offers warranty coverage for its installation services, so you can be sure you are getting quality that will last for years. With Banner Construction taking care of your vinyl siding needs, you won't have to worry about any potential issues down the road that comes with subpar installation. Their commitment to excellence in every detail ensures results that you can truly be proud of. When considering your home's exterior siding, two major factors are its durability and longevity, two qualities Banner Construction takes very seriously. Their experts will help you decide the best choice for your home and ensure it is installed with the utmost care and precision.

  • Timely Project Completion

Banner Construction prides itself on being an efficient and reliable vinyl siding installation team. We understand that our customers often need their projects completed quickly, but always with high levels of quality. Our installation teams can typically complete the average vinyl siding job in 2-3 days, depending on the size. This timeline accounts for removing the existing siding, installing insulation and the new siding product, and cleaning services when finished. Our experienced installers always adhere to industry standards and regulations while focusing on completing the job on time. Our team strives to finish each project on time and within budget, giving customers peace of mind about using Banner Construction for their vinyl siding needs.

  • Experience and Qualifications

Banner Construction's contractors have the skills, experience, and qualifications to install vinyl siding to give their customers outstanding results. Their team is knowledgeable about the best materials for your project and the products available for installation. They hold certifications from major brands, such as CertainTeed and James Hardie that attest to their proficiency and expertise in this field. Additionally, they offer warranties on their work that guarantee satisfaction and long lasting results. Banner Construction also offers a satisfaction guarantee policy so that if you are unsatisfied with your siding after installation, Banner Construction will work with you to make it right until you are entirely satisfied.

  • Expert Knowledge of Siding Materials

When looking at different vinyl siding options, it can be challenging to determine the level of quality without expert advice. Depending on its design and manufacturing process, some vinyl siding will have different levels of quality, so you should always ask experienced contractors about their materials beforehand. Although some may offer poor-quality materials at a lower price point, these will eventually cost more in the long run due to frequent repairs and replacements required for poor grade vinyl siding. Banner Construction's expertise in selecting the right material means they can provide a long-term solution that won't need constant maintenance or replacement. Choosing a trusted professional like Banner Construction is essential when deciding which vinyl siding option is best for your renovation project.

  • Benefits of Vinyl Siding for St Louis Homeowners

Vinyl siding has become increasingly popular over the past decade for homeowners in St. Louis looking for a durable, low maintenance option for their homes. Proper installation makes vinyl siding easy to maintain and resistant to weather-related damage like staining, mold, rot, and rust. Vinyl siding is also lightweight yet strong enough to defend against inclement weather that often hits the St. Louis area. Vinyl siding can offer a cost-effective solution with minimal maintenance requirements while also providing resistance against the elements.

  • Increased Insulation and Energy Efficiency

Insulation may be a significant factor for those looking to cut energy costs than traditional siding materials. Insulation can help regulate temperatures within a home – keeping it warm in the winter and cool in the summer – while ensuring both comfort and energy efficiency. Increased energy efficiency should be of utmost importance all year and can add value to homes. The cost of energy bills can add up quickly, so it is crucial to ensure that the materials chosen for your vinyl siding in the St. Louis area are efficient in maintaining the inside temperature of your home and providing insulation from extreme outdoor temperatures. Fortunately, some types of vinyl siding are able to do both. Installing high-quality vinyl siding on homes can reduce their heat loss by as much as 20%. Many manufacturers offer insulating panels or additional battens or layers that can be added behind the siding to increase its insulation ability.

  • Boost in Aesthetic Appeal

Whether installing vinyl siding on a new home or replacing old siding, homeowners can enjoy a significant boost in curb appeal. If you're looking for incredible curb appeal, durability, and quality, Banner Construction stands out among the competition when it comes to vinyl siding installation in St. Louis. Knowing that you have an experienced team of professionals at work means you can trust that your home's exterior is getting an upgrade that won't need constant repairs or replacements for years to come. Plus, Banner Construction's experience also ensures that the aesthetic appeal of your exterior will make all your neighbors jealous!

  • Advantages over Other Siding Materials

When considering siding for your home, there is a lot to consider. Many people debate the pros and cons of choosing vinyl over other siding types, such as wood or aluminum. While these options are viable and can offer benefits depending on individual needs, it's easy to see the affordability and the long-lasting durability of vinyl siding. In addition, vinyl requires little maintenance after installation. It comes in a variety of colors and textures to choose from, making it an excellent option for any home. Vinyl's main advantage over these other options is its lightweight properties, allowing easier installation and maintenance. Furthermore, with proper installation, vinyl siding can protect against wind-driven moisture infiltration and decrease a home's energy needs.

  • Long-Lasting Durability and Quality

When choosing vinyl siding for your St. Louis home, durability, and quality are paramount. High-quality materials will last longer, avoid fading and warping, and generally be more resistant to weather conditions than other types of siding. The best way to ensure excellent quality is to select a trusted local contractor like Banner Construction. Banner only works with the best premium products to provide its customers beautiful and long-lasting results.

What Brands of Vinyl Siding Does Banner Construction Install?

Banner Construction's decades of experience in the industry mean they know exactly what makes a strong and durable vinyl siding product that not only looks great but can withstand harsh St. Louis weather. When considering your home's exterior siding, two major factors are its durability and longevity, two qualities Banner Construction takes very seriously. Their experts will help you decide the best choice for your home. Banner Construction proudly offers premium vinyl sidings by Westlake Royal Building Products and Mastic Home Exteriors.

Westlake Royal Building Products

CraneBoard® Solid Core Siding® by Royal Building Products comes in a wide selection of colors, and horizontal lap and board & batten profiles provide more exterior design options. It has significantly more insulating power than fiber cement, wood, engineered wood, or brick. It can withstand hurricane-force winds up to 160 mph. It's termite resistant and won't warp, buckle or sag. CraneBoard is virtually maintenance-free. It offers a manufacturer's Life of the Home Limited Warranty. CraneBoard solid core vinyl siding is also manufactured from recyclable materials making it an eco-friendly choice.

Mastic Home Exteriors

Structure® Home Insulation SystemTM Siding by Mastic Home Exteriors is an exclusive combination of vinyl siding technologies and high-performance foam that wraps your home in a blanket of insulation, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. It's also highly impact resistant and easy to maintain. Its wide panels look and feel like traditional wood siding. Mastic Home Exteriors also offers aluminum soffit/fascia and gutters to match any of your desired choices in vinyl siding and offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Choose a Premier St. Louis Vinyl Siding Contractor

Banner Construction is proud of our outstanding reputation for customer service and excellent workmanship. We have received the Guidemaster Award for Excellence several years in a row. This award is for reliable service and on-time and on budget performance. There's no better vinyl siding choice in St. Louis than Banner Construction. Banner Construction has been installing James Hardie Fiber Cement and premium vinyl siding in the St. Louis area since 1993. We are proud to be a James Hardie Elite Preferred Contractor. This distinction is awarded to contractors with specialized training and a proven track record of high-quality workmanship. Hiring us to install your new or replacement siding will ensure that it will last many years, and the warranty will be in effect if you ever need to use it.

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