Why Pella Is The Premium Window and Door Manufacturer

Pella has been a leader in the innovation of manufacturing windows and doors since 1925. This family-owned company started in Pella, Iowa, where they are still located today.  Pella has been awarded over 150 product and design patents. This leading manufacturer of attractive, functional, energy-efficient windows is well known for its Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®).

Pella’s desire to exceed expectations is proven in its innovative solutions for homeowners. From dual-frame options, bi-fold patio doors to smart technology, Pella is always leading the way for creative designs.   They have even outfitted a historic building near Wrigley Field with new windows to prevent breakage from players who hit home runs.  

Many benefits come with replacing windows or doors with a Pella product. They can increase home value, help lower energy costs, improve security, and make your home more comfortable.  Pella products are easy to clean and maintain.  Their goal is to allow the homeowner to live with ease and spend more time on the things that matter.

Pella’s Firsts

What makes Pella stand out among its competitors is that it is committed to providing the best quality and the most energy-efficient products. They also find ways to minimize waste and pollution in manufacturing their windows and doors.  Their innovative designs and attention to detail make them the leader in providing solutions for homeowners. Some of their innovations include:

  • 1937: The first Pella casement window was introduced. Some of the features included a steel frame, wood interior, and a removable insulating glass panel.
  • 1964: The first double-hung window was invented with a sash that pivots for easy cleaning.
  • 1966: The first window with blinds between the glass was introduced, known as Slimshade® blinds.
  • 1985: Pella opened its first store to allow customers to shop for windows and doors.
  • 2000: The first year Pella was recognized as one of the Best Companies to work for.
  • 2009: The first window manufacturer to introduce argon as an insulating glass option.

Awards and Distinctions

Pella has been a volunteer partner in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's ENERGY STAR program since 1999. They are dedicated to building products with superior energy efficiency. This commitment is embedded in every phase of the manufacturing process, from product design, testing, sales, marketing, and consumer education.

Because of Pella’s commitment to meet or exceed Energy Star certifications, they have received 9 Energy Star Partner of the Year awards.  Pella is also a founding member of the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), always helping to promote the use of energy-efficient products. Other honors Pella has received include:

  • Governor's Environmental Award - recognized for their leadership in waste management by recycling scrap wood.
  • EPA Pollution Prevention Award - honored for supporting the environment by their responsible manufacturing processes.
  • Green Builder Media named Pella the greenest window and door brand.

Consumer Reports has ranked Pella windows #1 for performance and quality among the top window manufacturers. Tests included wind resistance at two different temperatures and rain resistance. The wind resistance test uses simulated wind velocity at 25 and 50 mph. Air leakage is then measured with a flow meter. Pella’s vinyl, wood, and fiberglass windows all ranked first in each respective test category.

Numerous Features and Options

Pella is the premium window and door manufacturer because of its various options and features offered to homeowners. Homeowners can have a custom product designed to coordinate with the exterior or interior of their home.

Many features are offered when customizing a Pella window or door.  Vinyl windows make up most of the window market and they generally offer fewer options when choosing color or hardware, because they do not have to be painted or stained.  However, a Pella vinyl window has 9 dual-frame choices, allowing a homeowner to add more color to the exterior for a different look.

Other areas where numerous options are available:

  • Energy Efficiency. Pella offers 9 different glass options for windows and patio doors. Enhanced technology ensures you have the best energy efficient product according to the climate in your location.
  • Materials. Choices include vinyl, wood, and fiberglass for both windows and doors.
  • Finishes & Colors. Colors vary depending on the material chosen. Pella’s Endura Clad wood frames in the Architect series have 27 colors to choose from.
  • Between the Glass Blinds. Integrated shades and blinds are tucked between panes of glass. Benefits include protection from dust and damage.  The cordless operation improves safety for households with children or pets.  There are 13 options available, along with a remote-control option.
  • Grilles. Window and patio door grilles are available for each material, wood, vinyl, and fiberglass.
  • Hardware. The options for locks and handles are unlimited. The finishes offered can even coordinate with existing metals in your home.
  • Screens. Pella’s screen options come in 3 categories: conventional, InView, and VividView screens. VividView screens offer the clearest views.
  • Custom Windows and Doors.  Pella can design and build any size, shape, or style window or door for all types of architecture and décor-- stained glass, various shapes, curved frames, anything.

Product Testing

Pella consistently surpasses its competitors when it comes to testing their products. The performance, durability, and quality of their windows and patio doors are unmatched because of the repetitive testing. Products are tested in extreme conditions, and against severe impact and strong winds. The number one goal is to make sure every homeowner has the best, longest-lasting windows and doors for their home.

  • Thermal testing is used to test the energy efficiency of the glass in the window. It is also used to ensure the proper installation of windows to prevent air leaks.
  • Wood Preservative testing ensures the wood windows and patio doors perform year in and year out.
  • Cycle testing gives Pella’s engineers and craftsmen valuable information about the performance of its windows and doors.
  • Insulating Glass testing involves exposing glass to extremely high temperatures to see how the sealant holds up.
  • Air, Water, Structure Chamber testing helps improve the structural integrity of a product against strong winds and rains.


All of Pella’s products come with a warranty when purchased. However, each material, wood, vinyl, and fiberglass vary in coverage.  Vinyl windows have a limited lifetime warranty. The wood windows come with a lifetime warranty to the original buyer for the windows and parts.  A 10-year warranty comes with the installation of the wood windows.

Most Popular Products

Among the Pella product options, the wood-clad windows are the most popular among homeowners. The wood choices include pine, alder, mahogany, or a different wood preferred by the homeowner. Pella offers 6 window lines/series and 5 door series. The models with the best reviews are the Designer and Architect series.

Pella-Certified Contractors

When you’re considering new windows or doors for your home, be sure to request an estimate from a professional, Pella-Certified Contractor. Here at Banner Construction, we have undergone the extensive training that Pella offers.  We want to assure our customers they are getting excellent service and proper installation of their Pella windows.

You can be confident that we are committed to providing exceptional service and getting the job done right. Schedule a free consultation with our team to learn more about how Banner Construction can assist you with choosing a premium window or door for your home.