Types of Replacement Window Styles

When it comes to home improvement, there is a vast range of different areas that a homeowner can choose to work on and many reasons behind each choice. You may have lived in your home for several years, and now you’ve saved up some money and decided that you want to make some changes. You might have just bought a house that’s a “fixer upper” and need to repair a few things before moving in. Or maybe you’re even thinking of selling your home, but would like to get a better sale price, so now it’s time to do a bit of renovating.

One area that can have a pretty big impact on the home from an aesthetic, functionality and even property value perspective are the windows. Windows can admit sunlight and also allow homeowners to look and see what’s happening outside, but they can accomplish so much more than that. That’s why today we’re going to look at types of replacement window styles as well as show you why some choices, like Simonton Windows or premium fiberglass windows, are better than others.

Why Windows Matter

Beyond just providing a visual accent to the look of your home—which some homeowners find extremely important—the most essential function of a window in the house is saving homeowners money by admitting daylight. If a home had no windows, it would be in pitch darkness no matter what time of day and always require electrical lighting systems to be on even in the middle of the day so that you can navigate your way from room to room.

Windows can also, depending on placement, help with airflow issues in a home. Open windows in a bathroom can allow steam to escape, and the same is true of windows in a kitchen. The ability to open and close windows also mean that it’s possible for people to communicate with each other inside and outside just by opening a window, rather than resorting to leaving home or using a phone.

Windows and Energy Efficiency

So far, so good, right? However, there is one central issue with windows that can, depending on the product, be a major point of contention: energy efficiency. The very thing that windows are designed to do can also be serious design defect if not properly constructed or installed. Windows are supposed to admit sunlight, but this essentially means you are cutting holes in the walls of your home, thus creating points of vulnerability.

The average Missouri home enjoys substantial insulation in the walls to fight off the outside air, meaning that warm air remains in the house in winter, and cool air stays inside in the summer. Windows are a weakness that could be costing you a lot of money.

That’s why if you’re looking at different types of replacement window styles, you need to think about quality. Simonton windows made out of premium vinyl or windows made out of fiberglass are what we recommend as the brands you should consider when looking at replacement window styles. But why?

Wood Doesn’t Cut It

In the past, windows were created with wooden frames and a single pane of glass. This construction gets the job done but is far from efficient. Wood is a porous substance, meaning that it readily admits both air and water unless treated, and that extra maintenance adds the expense. And if you choose not to do that maintenance, the wood eventually rots, or, worse yet, attracts pests like termites or carpenter ants that can quickly make short work of compromising the structural integrity.

As far as the actual window goes, a single pane of glass not only easily admits in sunlight, but it can also radiate hot or cold air. As such, older windows often mean higher cooling bills in the summer and higher heating bills in the winter because the windows themselves allow your processed “home air” to leak out of the home faster. All of this inefficiency then forces your HVAC systems to work harder and longer, resulting in higher bills.

If a single pane of glass is combined with ill-maintained wooden frames, that’s a significant loss of insulation for your home, resulting in poor energy efficiency. Your ideal choice would be fiberglass windows or Simonton windows. Fiberglass or vinyl frames eliminate the vulnerabilities characterized by wood, while the double glass panes and the extra layer of argon gas provide added insulation. Combine this solid construction with a variety of designs for replacement window styles, and you’ll have a lot of great options for your home!

These are the replacement window styles that you should be considering if you want to enhance both the appearance and energy efficiency of your house.

Single Hung Windows

The “traditional window” that most people imagine. The bottom part of the window slides up to admit air if required, but the top half remains fixed. This style is the most common type of window installed in American homes. It’s a simple choice, but at the same time provides a lot of value for what you pay.

Double Hung Windows

Visually, it’s very difficult to distinguish this type of window from the single hung. Functionally, however, this window gives homeowners the option of lowering the top half of the window to open and admit air if desired. You get a bit more versatility, but also pay a little bit more than you would with a single hung option.

Picture Windows

As the name implies, of the different types of replacement window styles, the picture window has a more aesthetic and less functional role. This window has much simpler framing, and that is because it is only designed to be looked out and cannot be opened.

Slider Windows

These windows are similar to single and double hung windows; however, they have a horizontal orientation and opening, making them look longer rather than taller. However, they still easily open to admit more air when required. The slider is another fairly common window configuration that’s seen in a lot of homes throughout America thanks to its convenience and ease of use.

Awning Windows

These types of replacement window styles get their name because of the way they open. Rather than sliding up, down, or to the side, they instead swing outwards from the bottom, while staying attached at the top. This design creates the “awning effect” that the window gets its name from, only with glass, instead of fabric.

Bay Windows

Definitely a more expensive choice, but also a very popular one. Bay windows get their added cost because this is not a single window, but instead is three windows that branch outwards from your home. Because of this extra, added dimension to the windows, and the extra frame and glass involved, the cost is a bit higher, but they are also some of the most beautiful looking windows, and generally adds value to a property, as well increases its curb appeal.

Casement Windows

These are generally narrower windows with the chief distinguishing feature being the way they open. Usually, there’s a crank that needs to be turned to open the window, and the reason for this is that casement windows tend to be placed in harder to reach areas, such as stairwells, where it may not be practical for a person to stand in front of the window in order to be able to open it.

Garden Windows

These windows have a particular function, although in some ways they can add just as much to a home’s look as bay windows. Garden windows have been built with a much more deliberate, purposeful, box-like structure. The reason for this, as the name implies, is because these windows are designed to house plants, and ensure they get maximum exposure to sunlight while providing protection from the elements for year-round gardening options.

Geometric Windows

This option is definitely the most expensive concerning types of replacement window styles, but it’s also the one that has the most impact on the beauty and curb appeal of a home. Geometric windows are the ultimate in window beautification because they are custom jobs. Homeowners can choose a circular window for that perfect accent, an arch shape, or any number of other configurations that make a home stand out from all the others on the street.

Make Sure It’s Done Right

If you’re considering new types of replacement window styles to install in your home or increase its property value, then make sure that you get the job done correctly. Getting new and improved energy efficient products like fiberglass windows or Simonton windows will do you no good if those windows are improperly installed.

Always go to reputable experts. Check the online reviews, talk to friends or family in St. Louis who have had window work done recently, and look at the results of that work. If the people you are talking to are happy with the job that’s been done, and you’re impressed as well, ask them who did the work. Don’t be too surprised to hear our name mentioned! And when you come to Banner Construction, you can get a free estimate on how much it will cost to do your window project, so reach out today!