Is it Time to Replace those Old Windows?

Spring is here and you might be thinking of doing some home improvements. Maybe you’re trying to decide what improvements would provide you with the best return on investment. Let me assure you that replacing those old windows in your home can reap many benefits.

11 Reasons to Replace Your Windows

1. Energy Efficiency

The technology and design of home windows have changed over the years. When your current windows were installed, they likely met the standards for energy efficiency at the time. But today’s standards are much higher, resulting in a big increase in energy efficiency for your home. This is especially true when your new windows meet EnergyStar® requirements.

Older windows were made with single-pane glass. They have minimal insulation, allowing the indoor air to escape and the outdoor air to enter. This causes your furnace and air conditioner to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature.

The old windows often don’t function properly because of warped or cracked frames. The glass seals may be broken.  This results in fogginess on the window that cannot be cleared. The window may freeze open or shut in cold weather.

Replacing those old windows with new, energy efficient ones can definitely improve the energy efficiency in your home. Installing new windows can reduce your heating and cooling costs by 22%. That’s quite a bit of savings! It is estimated that replacing your windows can provide up to an 85% return on investment.

If you’re concerned about the carbon footprint on our planet, the energy efficiency of new replacement windows will ease your mind. Because the HVAC system will not run nearly as often, and thus won’t consume as much energy to produce the same results.

2. Security

Your old windows may not shut or lock completely due to warping or broken seals, frames or locks. After years of use, windows will degrade, just like anything will. Latches can rust or become stripped. That can make you vulnerable to break-ins, especially if the windows are on the main ground level.

Most people think that intruders enter through doors, but entering through old, insecure windows are a more popular entry point. Intruders look for homes with older, worn windows, because they know they will be easier to break in to. Potential intruders will definitely target homes with windows that are worn or warped, or if there are cracks in the glass, or the frames are corroded or rotted. Why? Because they are easier and quicker to access than those with newer, more secure windows.

Today’s more modern windows have more secure latches and locks. They also come with impact-resistant glass and other security features, like dual-cam locks, fusion-welded components and durable reinforced frames. These features will deter many would-be intruders from even trying to break in through a window.

3. Maintenance and Cleaning

Clean windows let the sun shine in and improve the appearance of your home, both inside and out. But cleaning older windows can be a real chore. Going outside on a ladder to wash them is a real inconvenience and can be a safety hazard, especially when you have a multi-story home.

Most new replacement windows offer tilt-in sashes that allow you to clean both sides of the windows from the inside. They also require minimal maintenance because the frames are often made of vinyl and require no painting.

4. Condensation and Leaking

Do you see condensation on your windows that can’t be wiped away? This is due to weakened seals in the glass or frame, or some other window component being damaged or worn. It will appear as a frost or fog on the window pane. In advanced situations, you’ll see moisture running off the panes and pooling onto the surrounding area, warping, rotting and otherwise damaging the frames, woodwork and flooring. Untreated, the excess moisture and water can result in mold growth, further impacting your home.

When you have your windows replaced, you’ll be getting a product that meets stricter standards than those 20 years ago. Today’s windows go through rigorous testing and are designed to withstand moisture and water damage.

5. Noise

New replacement windows are built with improved technology that suppresses noise that is occurring outside from being heard inside. If you live in a busy area or are next door to kids playing in the yard or lots of traffic, you will definitely appreciate this feature.

The noise reduction works the opposite way as well. Do you like playing your music loud? You can do that without annoying your neighbors.

6. Curb Appeal

If you’re concerned with how passers-by or visitors view your home from the outside (and you should be!), replacing your windows will definitely enhance your curb appeal. For most people, their home is their largest investment. Keeping it maintained and updated can increase the value of that investment.

If you plan on selling your home in the not-so-distant future, its curb appeal is a key factor in attracting buyers. New windows show you care enough about maintaining your home. They also demonstrate that your home is more energy-efficient than those with older, drafty windows, so potential buyers know they’ll be saving on utility bills.

House-hunters who drive by your home will notice those new windows. Beautiful, well-functioning and efficient windows will make your home stand out in the housing market.

7. Style

Maybe you just don’t like the way your current windows look. Or maybe you’ve changed the style of your home, or your tastes have changed. If you plan on remaining in your home for the foreseeable future, changing the look to match your preferences and increase your comfort is a great idea. But you want to make sure that the style appears consistently.

In fact, the windows in your home may have been replaced piecemeal, one or two at a time. This results in a look that’s a hodge-podge of styles, materials and looks.

Replacing your windows to match the rest of your home can result in a more consistent appearance. Or it can be the first step in changing your overall style. There are many new and contemporary styles of windows to choose from. Some popular window styles that fit growing trends are casement, awning, and picture windows.

8. Replacement vs. Repair

If your old windows are cracked, broken, warped or in disrepair, you may be tempted to try to repair them rather than replace. You may think this temporary fix works, but in reality, the repaired windows are still not functioning efficiently and effectively. They may still have cracks and warping that is beyond repair.

You may even refrain from using the damaged windows at all. That defeats the purpose, doesn’t it? Having beautiful windows that function properly can greatly improve your home’s looks. They also reap a large return on investment and you’ll enjoy energy savings as well.

9. Preserve Possessions

Older windows don’t have the low-emissivity (low-E) coating that helps block harmful UV light. Without this UV protection, the sunlight that enters through the windows can damage your valuables, including furniture, art on the walls and rugs on the floors.

Replacing those UV windows with newer low-E windows can reduce fading of your belongings and extend their life. Most replacement windows are available with glass that blocks up to 95% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays that can cause fading.

10. Warranties

Your old windows may have outlived their original warranties, so you are responsible for all repairs. Most reputable window manufacturers offer warranties on their products that protects you for years. Most warranties are transferable, so if you sell your home before the warranty expires, the new homeowner will be covered.

11. New Standards

New standards set forth for all new windows can mean reduced health concerns for you and your family. If your windows pre-date the 1970s, they may have lead-based paint in them. Banned in 1978, lead paint can be very harmful to your health. Even the friction of opening and closing the sashes releases lead dust and can result in lead poisoning, especially in children.

It is not recommended that you stripe the paint from or replace these types of windows yourself, as you can endanger yourself and others. Having the windows replaced entirely by a professional is the safest option.

Banner Construction Will Expertly Install All Your Replacement Windows

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