Choose Simonton for the Best Vinyl Replacement Windows and Doors

Is your home drafty? Cold in the winter and hot in the summer? Are your utility bills higher than they should be? One reason for these issues could be that the windows in your home are letting the outside air in and vice versa.

Signs Your Windows Need to Be Replaced

There are some situations where repairing windows is an option. If the neighborhood amateur ball player happens to hit one in your window, you may be able to get the glass replaced. Caulking and applying weather stripping can help reduce drafts. If the windows are sticking, rubbing a white candle inside the frame can make them move more freely.

These repairs may delay replacing your windows altogether, but eventually, the windows will be beyond repair and replacement necessary for peak performance. How do you know when that time has come? Here are some signs to look for.

Windows frames are warped or broken.

If your window frame or sash is damaged or warped, replacement is usually warranted. Even if the windows are working to a degree, they can be problematic. Is the glass foggy? Do you feel a draft when you run your hand around the window? Do the windows stick when opening or closing them? Do they not stay open? These are all signs that it’s time to replace them with more efficient and functional windows.

Your energy bills are climbing.

Older windows develop air leaks and can allow outside air in. If you’ve done all you can to repair and weather-proof the windows, and your heating/cooling bills are still increasing, it’s probably time to replace them with new energy-efficient windows. You can do a simple draft test on your windows to see where air is coming through. Move a lit candle around the frame. When the flame flickers, that indicates there is a break in the seal, allowing air to escape.

Window panes have condensation.

Double-pane windows are more energy efficient than single-pane. However, if fogging or condensation is present between the double-pane windows, it indicates that the seal is broken, allowing moisture to get trapped. This window is now no more energy-efficient than a single-pane window.

There is visible damage on or around the window.

Cracks in the window or frame, water spots, warping and rotting--these are all signs that a window is faulty. If these defects cannot be repaired well enough to restore the window to full energy-efficiency, replacing it is advised.

Your home could use a makeover.

You redecorate or remodel your home’s interior to update it to your liking. Replacing furniture, painting, room additions--these all make your home more comfortable and enjoyable. Windows are a key feature to the appearance of your home, both inside and out. If they are old, peeling, warped or dysfunctional, they can overshadow your efforts to modernize. You can get new windows in a variety of styles and colors to match your decor and tastes.

Severe weather has been through your neighborhood.

The St. Louis area doesn’t experience hurricanes, but we do have tornadoes and hail that can damage our homes. Window panes can be broken or cracked, and the frames and hardware can also be chipped, dented and otherwise impacted by this extreme weather. The excessive humidity that can plague the area also can cause warping and condensation.

Carpet, furniture and window treatments are fading more quickly.

Single-pane windows don’t filter the UV rays of the sun as well as double-panes. This can result in fading the colors of your interior drapes, carpets and furniture. Laminated and tinted glass can help block UVA rays, while low E glass reduces most of the UVB light and helps minimize heating and cooling costs.

Should Your Replace All Your Windows at Once?

You may have only one or two windows in your home that you notice are damaged to the point where they need to be replaced. Maybe one or two have become cloudy, are difficult to open, or the hardware is broken.  So, you may be thinking that your best option is to replace them now and leave the rest intact. But is that really the best option? That depends….

If you have or want a specialty type of window, like a bay or uniquely shaped window, replacing just that one makes sense. Since it differs from the rest of the windows in your home, the differences aren’t noticeable because they aren’t supposed to match the others. You could also replace the windows in phases; e.g., all the front-facing windows, then the side, etc.

Your budget is a concern, of course, and replacing only the problem windows will save you money in the short term. But if you are more flexible in your cash availability, replacing all the windows is better for aesthetics, as all the windows will match. Your overall energy efficiency will improve throughout the entire house instead of just one section of it.

Another consideration in deciding whether to replace all or some of the windows is that most window installation companies offer discounts based on number of windows installed. Volume discounts may be available on both the windows themselves and the labor. Smaller projects usually cost more than larger ones. Even if you’re not replacing all the windows in your home, you may save by getting 5 or more replaced at a time, as opposed to one or two.

You’ll also need to consider that window manufacturers may stop selling certain styles and types of windows. So if you have some replaced with a style that is no longer available, you won’t be able to match them exactly.

Another factor in having windows replaced in phases is that with every replacement there is construction ongoing on your home. This cannot be avoided. Also, the window installers will need to visit your home at least twice every time; once to measure, then again to do the replacement. You’ll have contractors present at your home during each phase.

If you think you can’t afford to replace all the windows in your home at once, there are options. Discuss the options and get quotes from reputable companies. You may discover that you can get more windows replaced than you thought possible for the same cost as just a couple.

Why Buy Simonton Premier Vinyl Windows?

There are many vinyl windows manufacturers available for replacing your windows. So why should you choose Simonton?

When it comes to vinyl replacement windows, Simonton produces the best. Simonton vinyl windows maintain structural integrity and are resistant to all types of weather. They are thermal-efficient and meet all  ENERGY STAR® guidelines. With several designs and colors to choose from, Simonton premier vinyl windows will create a beautiful, positive impression for your home, both inside and out.  They are available in several glazing options, including single, double and triple pane glass and a variety of coatings.

Simonton has been producing quality products with reliable warranties for over seventy years. They provide outstanding products with warranties that provide customer peace of mind that their windows will remain beautiful and last for years to come. Simonton has won numerous awards for customer satisfaction, so you can be assured that customer service is a top priority.

With several styles to select from, the Simonton Reflections 5500 is the most popular style of the Simonton replacement windows.  This model is distributed nationwide with several variations offered under various brand names including Prism or Prism Platinum. It comes with a double lifetime limited warranty.

Simonton offers a wide range of vinyl windows. Browse their gallery to see the options you have. They also offer several window styles:

Simonton windows and patio doors also come with a variety of hardware finishes. You can select from either standard or premium hardware finishes.

Standard hardware finishes are available in:

  • White
  • Tan
  • Driftwood
  • Dark Bronze (woodgrain only)

Premium hardware finishes are available in:

  • Brushed Nickel
  • Oil-rubbed Bronze
  • Polished Brass

Check out this before and after video on patio door and vinyl replacement windows to see the difference Simonton can make on your home’s looks, energy efficiency and overall value.

When You’re Ready for Replacement Windows, Call Banner Construction.

Banner Construction installs other types of replacement windows, and will consult with you on your preferences and needs and determine the right replacement windows for your home within your budget. We will then develop a detailed proposal and submit it to you for review and questions. If your choice is Simonton Premier vinyl windows, as one of their preferred installers, we will perform an expert installation.

Don’t settle for less than the best. For the best in vinyl replacement windows, choose Simonton Premier. For the best installers of vinyl replacement windows, choose Banner Construction. Contact us to today to receive a free estimate to replace your old worn-out windows with beautiful, visually appealing vinyl windows that will last for years!