9 Replacement Window Styles to Consider

window types

New windows can make your home more attractive and add to your house’s curb appeal. Homeowners choose to replace old windows for many reasons such as appearance, better energy efficiency, or malfunction issues. The time will come when you have no choice but to replace your existing windows because they’ve reached the end of their […]

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4 Ways James Hardie Siding Helps Build Sustainable Communities

siding for sustainable communities

Developing sustainable communities requires planning, implementing, and promoting sustainability goals that benefit individuals and the community. Sustainability is important for environmental, social, and economic reasons. Sustainability practices can be integrated into an existing community or planned during community development. Fiber Cement Siding Is an Eco-Friendly ProductOne way to help build sustainable communities is by using sustainable […]

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7 Exterior Design Details to Make Your Home Unique

unique exterior design details

When designing our dream home, we often spend most of our energy designing the interior and neglect the external details. A spectacular exterior will stand out and reflect the general style of the house. Beautiful house exterior design can be complemented with attractive architectural features.Unique details can include beautiful landscaping ideas, gorgeous exterior color combinations, […]

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How James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding Maximizes ROI

james hardie roi

There are many home maintenance projects. Some are mandatory to maintain the structure and stability of the home. Others are to improve the aesthetics. Some accomplish both goals. It’s always nice to know when your home improvement project improves its value. The return on investment can vary with any project. Installing or replacing your siding is […]

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7 Steps to Prepare for Window Replacement

prepare for window replacement

Now that you’ve decided to improve your home with new windows, it’s time for installation.  The professional window installation company you hired is ready to give your home a new look. They’ve measured all of the openings and the windows have been ordered. Before your old windows are taken out, there are some steps you […]

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Should You Repair or Replace Your Windows

repair or replace windows

Your windows play an important role in the comfort, safety, and curb appeal of your home. The older the windows the more you’ll notice changes in the temperature, noise, and comfort levels inside your home.Now you must decide whether to replace or repair your windows. It’s best to have a professional come look at your […]

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7 Tips on How to Prepare for Siding Replacement

prepare for siding

Siding replacement is a significant investment for most homeowners. It will enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal and increase its energy efficiency capabilities. However, before the siding project can begin, it’s best that you first ensure you and your home is adequately prepared for the work a qualified and experienced siding contractor will do.Before Your Siding […]

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Building Green with James Hardie Siding

james hardie siding green building

Building green offers widespread benefits to homeowners and society as a whole. Homes built in this manner typically include superior air quality, abundant natural light, access to views, and noise control, making these homes better places to live. The environmentally conscious trend for green building has spilled over into increased market value for homeowners. Green homes […]

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