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Windows offer security and structural integrity to a home. They also bring in warm sunlight to brighten living spaces and offer beautiful views of nature, but that’s if good windows are installed properly. If drafts are created in a home or film has developed on the windows to prevent natural light from shining through, it may be time to install new replacement windows.

Replacing windows is not a DIY project. It's a big project that requires knowledge and precision, so a professional should install them. But be wary when choosing a contractor. Windows should be installed by a qualified and professional replacement window installer. They should be factory-trained and certified to ensure proper installation techniques are used. A window contractor can be certified by the manufacturer.

Window manufacturers, such as Pella and Simonton, make windows that meet or exceed industry standards. These manufacturers require contractors who use their products to undergo product and installation training.

Benefits of Hiring a Certified Window Replacement Contractor

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Homeowners should choose window products of the highest quality, as well as hire reputable certified window installers such as Banner Construction, who is Pella and Simonton certified.

1. Proper Installation

Certified replacement window installers are trained on best practices and installation techniques based on industry and manufacturer standards. Hiring a certified window installer can save both time and money, as well as give homeowners the peace of mind that the installation was done properly.

  • Certified window installers receive continual training on:
  • Tested and accepted installation techniques
  • Proper material selection, including the correct use of sealant and flashing
  • Job site safety
  • Protection of the homeowner’s property
  • Quality control
  • Product care, adjustment, and cleaning

Installing windows incorrectly can lead to energy loss, air seepage, water leakage, and mold growth. Even the best windows can cause problems if not installed properly.

2. Protects Market Value of Home

Old windows can make a home look dated. With newly installed replacement windows, a home’s curb appeal improves as well as its resale value. A certified replacement window contractor can guide homeowners in choosing the right windows. They know the latest products and features.

New windows in attractive modern styles can instantly update the look of a home. Custom shapes add interest and increase the natural light in a room. The view of the backyard can be expanded with a bay or bow window.

Today’s replacement windows now have unique safety features to enhance security and protection. Homeowners also enjoy the ease of cleaning replacement windows due to the fold-down or in design. The convenience of cleaning from the inside of the home saves time and energy. It is also safer than climbing on a ladder to clean the exterior upper windows.

3. Legal Leverage

Many warranties cover installation if the approved and recommended installation method was used. Hence, the importance of using a certified replacement window contractor who has been trained in proper installation. Customers also have legal leverage if the job wasn’t performed to exact specifications. Certification minimizes the damage that phony replacement window contractors can cause. It also promotes better business standards and practices in the community.

Pella and Simonton Windows

Banner Construction offers Pella and Simonton windows. Both manufacturers produce quality products that are sure to make any home more enjoyable. Pella windows stand out for many reasons.

  • Attractive materials. Pella windows come in various materials: wood, fiberglass, and vinyl.
  • Durability. They are manufactured with long-lasting quality.
  • Energy Efficiency. All products meet or exceed Energy Star standards in all 50 states.
  • Low maintenance. Pella windows are easy to clean, maintain, and operate.

Simonton vinyl windows have warm realistic wood grain finishes. Many styles are offered that complement the existing architecture of the home whether it’s classic, modern, or traditional. Low maintenance and greater energy efficiency are major benefits.

When to Replace Windows

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Several common problems can affect the appearance and function of windows, such as:

  • Broken glass
  • Damaged frames
  • Foggy glass
  • Sticking windows
  • Leaky windows
  • Air seepage
  • Difficult to open and close
  • Signs of moisture damage from warped or rotted frames
  • Stained or yellowed glass

About Banner Construction

Banner Construction has helped St. Louis homeowners find beautiful energy-efficient windows for their homes. Our goal is to bring homeowners the best window options in the market. Banner Construction is a certified Pella and Simonton Window installation contractor with decades of experience in window installation.