12 Window Styles and Technologies

The type of window you choose for your home plays a major role in its architectural style and energy efficiency. Window styles help define the character of most homes. There are many different types of windows with various technological features to help you achieve the look, feel, and performance you desire for your home. 

Choosing the Best Replacement Windows for Your Home 

Homeowners have a wide array of window options to choose from. It’s helpful to hire a professional to guide you on what windows work best for your home and budget. 

Some considerations to include in the selection process include the window’s energy efficiency. Windows are the usual suspects when it comes to heat loss or cooling inefficiencies. 

Curb appeal is a major selling point for a home. Choosing windows that complement the architectural style of your home is important. 

Depending on the material of the window, the costs can vary. Vinyl windows are the most affordable; however, other materials may better meet your requirements. Below are some common types of windows you’ll see in many homes. 

single-hung windows

1. Single Hung Windows

Also called sash windows, single-hung windows are made of movable panels. A single hung window has a fixed top sash that does not slide up or down, It can only be opened by sliding the bottom sash up. Single-hung windows are less versatile than double-hung windows. 

double-hung windows

2. Double-Hung Windows

The most popular types of windows are double-hung windows. They feature two separate sections that both slide up and down. This allows for them to be easily opened to let fresh air in. Double-hung windows also have a tilt feature which makes for easy cleaning on both sides. They are very beneficial for second-story windows and higher because no ladder is necessary to wash and clean them. Due to the extra conveniences, they cost more than a single hung window of the same dimensions. 

sliding windows

3. Slider Windows

Slider windows slide open from side to side. They are best for wide openings and areas that require a more unobstructed view. 

4. Picture Windows

A picture window features a large single fixed pane of glass. It gives a great view of the outdoors. These windows are usually large, allow lots of natural light, and do not open. They are usually installed in spaces where people spend leisure time such as dining rooms and living rooms. They offer energy-saving features that can be included to keep your utility bills under control. 

bay windows

5. Bay Windows

Bay windows add elegance to any room, giving it an open and airy feel. These are larger windows composed of several sections that extend away from the exterior wall of the home. Some of the side windows can be casement or double-hung to allow for ventilation. Bay windows make the room feel larger. The configuration of a bay window can include three or more windows. 

bow windows

6. Bow Windows

Bow windows also allow lots of natural light and views of the outdoors. Bow windows are ideal when you don’t have the space for a bay window, as they don’t extend outward as far as bay windows. Bow windows work well for the front of a porch or walkway. 

7. Garden Windows

A garden window or greenhouse window provides a covered area that extends outward where you can set plants to maximize the amount of light they receive. Typically found in the kitchen, the panes are set at 90-degree angles to capture the maximum amount of sun. 

Styles of windows

8. Awning Windows

An awning window is a single pane that is hinged at the top of the frame creating an awning effect. They are typically smaller and can be installed higher than other window types. This adds architectural interest and provides ventilation and light without sacrificing privacy. When it’s raining, awning windows let air in and keep the water out. 

Casement windows

9. Casement Windows

Casement windows or crank windows are used for tall narrow openings. A crank is used to turn them open. The window is attached to one side of the frame and swings outward as a door opens. Casement windows work well where accessibility to the window is not ideal. Casement windows are typically one pane of glass. 

special-shape windows

10. Special Shapes 

Specialty windows come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Each one is specially designed for your home for a perfect fit every time. They add interest and a unique look to any home. They can be used alone or combined with traditional shapes. 

Because they typically require special attention in design and manufacturing, specialty windows are usually more expensive than traditional shapes. They are a type of picture window and operate as a way for light to come through. A variety of specialty window shapes include: 

  • Circle, half-circle, and quarter-circle 
  • Arches and gothic 
  • Hexagon
  • Octagon 
  • Pentagon 
  • Trapezoid 
  • Triangle

11. Glazing and Glass 

Several coating technologies can be applied to the different windows in your home: 

  • Insulated glazing consists of two or more panes of glass.
  • Low-emissivity coatings are made of metallic oxide and reduce energy loss.
  • Dual and triple pane glass are the two main options. Dual-pane glass is the standard choice. 
  • Triple pane windows increase energy efficiency and reduce noise. 

12. Gas Fillers 

Filling the space between the panes of a double or triple-glazed window with gas boosts efficiency by reducing heat transfer. Manufacturers use argon and krypton, which block more heat because they are denser than air. Both are safe to use because they are non-toxic, clear, and odorless. Krypton is more expensive and efficient, while argon is an affordable alternative. 

Is It Time to Replace Your Windows? 

If you’re feeling a draft of cold air during the winter, it may be time to inspect your windows to see if they need to be replaced. Here are 5 indicators it’s time to change your windows.  

  1. You feel the heat seeping through in the summer. 
  2. There’s paint peeling around the exterior frames of your windows. This indicates condensation, mold, or rot. 
  3. You see cracks in the window panes or casing. 
  4. Condensation is on the windows or between the window panes causing seal failure. 
  5. Your windows no longer open or close properly. 

Hiring a Professional Window Contractor 

If you want to improve your home’s look with a new window design, replacement windows come in many types and materials to choose from. It’s best to hire professional window installers to do the job. Here’s why: 

Expert Advice 

Someone who deals with window installation every day will be able to help you avoid problems at the beginning of the process. A professional can suggest ideas that you may not have considered. They can also advise you on the best options for how to stay within your budget choosing the windows for your project. An experienced window contractor can advise you about which brands and models will work best for your home style. 

Access to Quality Materials 

Professional window installers will have access to the best materials as they are connected to suppliers. Each component of your choice of the window will contribute to its overall performance and aesthetic. 

Necessary Tools 

Window installation requires proper tools to get the job done right. Professional window installers have all the necessary tools that are required to ensure that the windows are installed properly and safely. 

Expert Craftsmanship 

The key to a long-lasting window is proper installation. Correctly installing the window will ensure a tight fit and a weatherproof frame. Professional installers have this knowledge and can guarantee professional results. They have extensive experience, access to the best tools, and are certified to do the job properly and safely. Window installation is not a DIY project. You’ll be happy and satisfied that you hired a reputable contractor. 

Quality Brands and Latest Technology 

A professional window installation company has the latest information on new window technology and window manufacturers. Products are updated regularly to incorporate the latest technological advances in building materials and design. 

Long-Term Performance 

A reputable window contractor will back their products and work with a warranty and a satisfaction guarantee. This means that if a problem should arise, you’ve got professional support to get it corrected quickly, efficiently, and properly without trying to fix it yourself. Hiring a well-chosen professional ensures you will experience long-term quality, performance, and satisfaction from your window replacement. 

Transform Your Home with Quality Replacement Windows 

Replacing your windows can transform the look and feel of your home and make it more valuable. Deciding what kind of windows to choose for your home can be overwhelming. Banner Construction offers beautiful premiere windows and quality installation by an expert member of our team. From bay windows to garden windows to energy-efficient options, we specialize in many types of window replacement and installation needs. 

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