Your windows play an important role in the comfort, safety, and curb appeal of your home. The older the windows the more you'll notice changes in the temperature, noise, and comfort levels inside your home.

Now you must decide whether to replace or repair your windows. It’s best to have a professional come look at your windows to assess their current state and provide you with a service recommendation.

repair or replace windows

Signs to Help You Decide

Sometimes it’s possible to repair a window rather than replacing it, even if it's damaged. If your windows only need new hardware, a repair is a less-costly option. Not all window damage can be reversed with repairs, however. In some cases, the damage is too severe to be fixed, which means a full window replacement is needed.

How can you tell if your windows just need a few repairs or if they should be replaced completely?  Here are signs to let you know when to repair or replace your windows.

When Window Repairs Might Suffice

Repairing your windows may be likely if you’re dealing with the following situations.

An Aged or Damaged Appearance

Harsh wind, rain, and UV rays can lead to normal wear and tear on the exterior of your windows. If the paint is chipped on the window frame, that can simply be repainted. This is an easy fix that will improve the curb appeal of your home.

Dirty or streaked glass

A simple DIY window cleaning or hiring a professional window cleaner can rid your windows of excessive dirt. If you have double-pane windows, check for moisture. between the panes of glass. This could be a sign of a larger issue that may require a complete window replacement.

repair or replace windows

Broken Glass

If the damage involves only the windowpanes and the rest of the window is intact, it’s usually possible to repair the window by simply replacing the glass. A shattered window that’s been damaged by a baseball, flying debris, or even from an attempted break-in, you and your home are left susceptible to the outdoor temperatures and reduced security. The last thing you want to do is wait for your entire window to be replaced. If speed is important to you, replacing the glass is probably the best way to go.

Hardware Problems

If your windows are becoming difficult to open and close, it could be a hardware issue. Check to see if there is a buildup of dirt, grease, or debris inside the window track. A thorough cleaning may be enough to fix the problem. Hardware lubricants can also aid in making your windows easier to operate.

Are Your Windows Damaged?

Windows are one of the most frequently neglected areas of a home. Many homeowners allow window damage to go unrecognized for years. Even relatively new windows can be lacking in functionality. If a window is installed incorrectly or the materials are damaged by inexperienced contractors, you can find your brand new windows causing serious damage.

When to Consider Complete Window Replacement

Consider replacing your windows if you have these issues:

Condensation Between Windowpanes

Condensation on the inside of double-pane windows means that moisture has gotten in between the panes. This is likely due to the window seal being damaged. It also means that the window is less energy efficient. Replacing your windows would improve the appearance and decrease your monthly energy bill.

Warped Frames:
Too much moisture can cause windows to warp, especially those with wood frames. If your windows are warped, they may have become deformed or shifted over time. This creates gaps in the seal of your home and makes your home less energy efficient. Replacing your warped windows may be the best option.

Can’t Open or Lock the Window:
Not being able to lock or open your windows is a sign that they need to be replaced.

Non-functional windows pose security and safety risks to your family:
Windows need to be functional for use as an exit from your home in case of an emergency. It is also important to ensure that intruders can’t open your windows from outside of your home.

Below are a few issues to look for that can indicate there is damage to your windows:

  • Windows Installed Incorrectly:  Windows that are ill-fitting can cause water to leak from outside into your home. Drafty windows are also a huge problem if the weather-stripping around the windowpanes is faulty. Check for a draft, water leakage, or any other sign that the windows aren’t properly fit and sealed. Keep a close eye on your utility bill. If you notice an unexplained increase, there’s a good chance your windows are the culprit.
  • Stress and Tension: Windows adjust and weaken over time. Wood frames expand and contract due to temperature changes. This shifting places stress and tension on the windows causing them to break at times.

    Humidity and extreme temperatures can also cause the glass to distort: Water damage can get into the sash and cause weakness and rotting. If your house shifts due to ground instability or earthquakes, your windows can be weakened.
  • Breakage: Whether it was an accident or an act of nature, broken windows can’t be avoided. Depending on the break and the force which caused it, you may need to repair or replace the entire frame.
  • Rot Damage: Wooden window frames can easily succumb to rotting because of poor moisture resistance. When replacing your windows, search for high-performance window frames that offer excellent weather resistance.
  • Shrinking Frames: Window frames sometimes shrink and expand when exposed to temperature fluctuations. If this is happening, it means your window frame can’t withstand the sudden temperature changes. This leads to warping and eventually shrinking.

Questions to Ask Your Window Installation Company

If you decide to replace your windows, your biggest concern might be choosing the type of new windows. However, the window installation company you hire is equally as important. A high-performance window can only operate properly if installed correctly.

To make sure your window installation experience goes as planned, ask these questions of the window replacement contractor before you hire them.

How Long Have You Been In Business?

You have a  better chance of quality installation with a company with decades of experience. Not only does this ensure knowledgeability, but it also means the company consistently satisfies customers, a necessity for staying in business long-term.

Are You Licensed and Insured?

Window installers are required to receive a license from the state to ensure they remain up-to-date with the latest safety tips and best practices. Having liability insurance removes liability from you if a worker is injured while installing your windows. Never work with a window installation company that isn’t licensed and insured.

What Credentials Do You Have? 

Only reputable companies earn awards and gain acceptance into local and national associations. These credentials and accomplishments indicate that you’ve found a trustworthy company to install your windows.

What Window Brands Do You Carry?

Installers that only sell their brand are more likely to use hard selling tactics with a stronger emphasis on meeting quotas than satisfying customers. Enjoy multiple options and zero chance of buyer’s remorse by selecting a window installation company that offers more than one brand.

Do You Have a Showroom?

Searching the internet for window replacement options is a good place to start, but nothing compares to seeing the real thing in person. A showroom is your chance to weigh the differences between window brands and styles up close. It’s also the perfect opportunity to ask detailed questions of window professionals to help you feel confident in the final choice you make.

Do You Provide a Warranty?

In the unlikely event that you detect window defects, you can simplify the resolution process tremendously if your installer is also your warranty service provider. To avoid being pushed off to the window manufacturers, ask about warranty service before hiring a window installer for the job.

Can You Provide a List of References?

The testimonials of past customers can predict the type of experience you’ll have with a particular window installer. The installer you want to hire should also provide you with a list of references upon request. Check the company’s website for reviews as well as third-party sites like Yelp, Google, and Angie’s List.

Do You Have a Portfolio I Can View?

It’s important to find a company capable of completing the type of project you have in mind, whether it’s new construction, replacement, or remodeling. Viewing a photo gallery is one of the best ways to pick out first-rate companies from the rest.

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