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Fiber cement siding has become one of the most popular types of siding in the US. Its durability and aesthetic appeal have made it a popular choice for premium siding, with James Hardie siding being the most popular fiber cement siding on the market.

James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding Overview

On this page, we’ll address what fiber cement is and how it performs, the benefits of James Hardie fiber cement siding, how fiber cement siding compares to other siding materials, the types of Hardie siding products, why you should hire a trained installation contractor, and what experts say about Hardie Siding.

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What is Fiber Cement Siding?

Fiber cement siding is a building material used for both residential and commercial properties. This blend of cement, sand, and cellulose mimics the look of real wood but is more durable than traditional wood siding. It wasn’t long ago that few people had heard of fiber cement siding. Today, it’s becoming more and more popular with consumers who want the best of both worlds - durability and low maintenance siding that is also attractive and can be painted in virtually any color.

What to Expect with Siding Installation

Installing siding can be a major project that can last for days, if not weeks. Depending on certain factors, like weather, material availability, scheduling, etc., the project may not start right away. It can also be delayed due to different circumstances.

The best advice in preparing for your siding project is to be patient. Communication is key with the siding installers. Your installer should be willing and able to discuss schedules and timing and provide rationale for delays or other issues that arise. That’s why it’s important to choose an installation contractor that has a good track record for staying on schedule and keeping promises.

Performance of Fiber Cement Siding

Homeowners looking for a low-maintenance, durable, and attractive siding option for their homes should consider fiber-cement siding from James Hardie. Fiber cement siding offers a number of benefits over other siding options. It’s more dependable and longer-lasting than vinyl products and it delivers the aesthetic qualities of wood without the tendency to rot or mildew.

Fiber cement siding also offers exceptional rain, wind, and hail protection. In addition, fiber cement siding is non-combustible meaning that it will not add any fuel to a fire, making it an outstanding choice for your family’s safety.

Benefits of James Hardie Siding

James Hardie is America’s number one brand of fiber cement siding. James Hardie siding products have been installed on over 5.5 million homes because consumers are discovering the many benefits fiber cement siding provides.

James Hardie siding products combine the warmth and character of wood siding with the exceptional durability and low maintenance of fiber-cement. In addition, James Hardie siding products carry a 30-year limited transferable product warranty against chipping, rotting, and cracking.

Maintaining Your New JH Fiber Cement Siding

Once your James Harding siding is installed, you’ll be thrilled with the beauty it portrays. You’ll be the envy of your neighbors with the great aesthetic it provides. Although James Hardie fiber cement siding requires minimal maintenance, there are a few things you need to do to keep it looking and performing at its peak.

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How Fiber Cement Siding Compares to Other Siding Materials

Your home’s siding serves two important functions. It weather-proofs your home and it’s a major factor in setting your home’s overall style. Adding new siding can give your home an immediate makeover, increase curb appeal and increase your home’s resale value.

There are several important factors to consider when selecting siding options: appearance, durability, maintenance, and affordability. There are several popular siding options to consider when you are building a new home or residing in an existing home. Each type of siding has pros and cons to consider.

Types of Hardie Siding Options

James Hardie manufactures siding in an impressive range of styles and colors, so you can choose what best compliments your home’s architecture and design. Classic Colonial, Victorian, Craftsman or Farmhouse looks can easily be achieved using James Hardie siding products. 

Whichever style of siding you decide on, it’s available in a wide range of color options from soothing neutrals to bold jewel tones and can be custom painted to match your particular design vision.

Key Features of Hardie Siding

When it comes to high-quality siding, James Hardie has been one of the leading names in the industry for decades earning praise from both style-centric consumer magazines and contractor-focused trade publications. 

James Hardie fiber cement products are recognized for combining design with durability and high performance. James Hardie specializes in fiber cement siding and the company continues to invest in research and development in order to continue improving the product they offer to consumers.  

With the development of fiber-cement products specifically zoned for different climates and the development of ColorPlus Technology, it’s no wonder that James Hardie is the industry leader.

Why Hire an Elite Preferred James Hardie Contractor

Fiber Cement siding like James Hardie siding is heavy and requires knowledge and expertise. An Elite Preferred James Hardie contractor has undergone considerable training and has demonstrated the highest standards in customer satisfaction and quality across numerous installations. They also specialize in the full range of James Hardie products.

It’s important to only hire contractors that have been certified by James Hardie to properly install their fiber cement siding. Fiber cement is difficult to cut and handle. James Hardie Elite Preferred contractors are trained in the proper procedures for installing the siding so that the results are as expected. 

Probably the most important reason to hire a trained installer is to maintain the stipulations in the 30-year warranty on the siding. If anything goes wrong with the siding installation, it may not be covered if not installed by a certified contractor.

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What Professionals Say About James Hardie Siding 

James Hardie has been recognized by both style and trade publications for offering an outstanding siding product. James Hardie products now grace the sides of more than 8 million homes across America. In June 2018, James Hardie was recognized for 12 years of earning the nationally recognized “A,A” Partners of Choice Award for outstanding quality and service from David Weekley Homes, the country’s largest privately-held home builder.  

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