Replacement Windows in St. Louis

Does Your St. Louis Home Need Replacement Windows?

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Are you considering replacing the windows in your St. Louis home? There are specific signs that indicate that it’s time to replace those old windows with more modern, functional and durable replacements.

  • Noise. If the outside noise sounds more like it’s inside, it could mean that they aren’t sealed properly. They may also have been inferior grade to begin with, so they don’t insulate the sound well.
  • Drafty. Even if your windows are closed, you can feel a draft. This could be the result of broken or faulty seals or poor installation. Drafty windows let outside air in and inside air out, making your HVAC system work harder. That increases your utility bills.
  • Window frame damage. If the frames of the windows are chipped or soft, it could be the water damage or simply old age. Frames that are soft to the touch may have been damaged by water and rot. They may even be sagging.
  • Sticking. If your windows are difficult to open, close, lock or unlock, it’s time to replace them. The windows could be warped or rotten or the locking mechanisms broken or rusted. If you can’t lock the windows, that could impact your home’s security.
  • Condensation. If you see fog or frost between the panes of your windows, that means the seal is broken. The windows are no longer insulated or energy-efficient which impacts your utility bills.
  • Broken glass. This is an obvious sign that the window is no longer functional and needs to be replaced.

If you notice any of these signs on your windows, it’s probably time to get them replaced.

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Getting the Right Replacement Windows Installed

When you’re ready to replace those St. Louis windows, you need to decide which ones to buy. There are many brands, types and styles of windows. Window frames come in a variety of materials. So how do you choose?

Don’t Settle for Cheap

Sure, it’s a considerable investment to replace your windows and you may be tempted to get lower grade ones to save some money. However, this will only cause you problems down the road. It may wind up costing your more in the long term than opting for high-quality windows in the first place.

Choose the Best Windows

Don’t be don’t settle for less than the best. Choose high-quality windows that are durable, aesthetic and made to last. Banner Construction only carries the top premier windows:

  • Pella Premium Windows has been ranked the best windows by Consumer Reports. They have the ENERGY STAR® rating for energy efficiency. They come in many styles, designs and materials.
  • Simonton Premier Vinyl Windows are designed for structural integrity and weather resistance. They also meet ENERGY STAR® guidelines and are considered thermal-efficient.

Hire the Right Contractor in St. Louis

Installing windows is a huge undertaking. Tackling the project yourself would require lots of time and cause mistakes that cost extra. Hiring an experienced contractor could save you lots of headaches.

By hiring an experienced and reputable company to install your replacement windows you’ll get peace of mind knowing they’ll be installed correctly. Banner Construction has been installing replacement windows for hundreds of satisfied St. Louis homeowners since 1993. We are insured and bonded to protect you from all liability, and we guarantee all our work. Contact us today to get a free consultation on replacing your windows.

*This guide provides you with our recent blogs on tips and information on Replacement Windows.