The James Hardie company is known and loved nationwide for its durable, low maintenance, high-performance fiber-cement siding products. Their high standards are evident not only in siding products themselves but also in the technology they use to bring the best long-lasting color options to homeowners. When it’s time to give your home the exterior upgrade it needs, James Hardie is the undisputed siding choice. 

You have choices in colors for your James Hardie siding replacement. The siding products are available primed and ready to paint after installation, or you can get a durable coat baked on and ready to install. Both have their advantages, but ColorPlus® Technology outweighs primed siding.

What Is ColorPlus Technology?

With ColorPlus Technology, your Hardie siding will make your home’s exterior vibrant and beautiful. During the manufacturing process, multiple coats of paint are applied to fiber cement siding boards and trim. 

The finish is cured in a controlled environment between coats for a stronger bond that resists cracking, peeling, and chipping.  The purpose of the controlled environment is to help eliminate debris and optimize adhesion that results in a low-maintenance siding solution.

During the manufacturing process, several quality checks are conducted to ensure high-quality products are consistently produced. James Hardie siding doesn’t fade even when exposed to the hot sun, unlike other paints and siding materials.  This unique color technology gives even coverage and lasting color for the optimal finish for your home. 

Your new James Hardie Siding will look vibrant for a much longer time and make your home more appealing. You even get to choose from several color options that complement the style of your home. You’ll get the benefit from professional designers who have hand-picked hues to give your home a cohesive look. 

 Color You Can Count On

james hardie colorplus technology

James Hardie ColorPlus Technology outlasts primed and custom painted siding consistently. Its lasting, uniform look is the result of multiple baked-on layers applied in optimal factory conditions, and the end product keeps homeowners smiling at the look of their home’s exterior.

When choosing the type of finish you would like on your James Hardie siding, consider the benefits of ColorPlus technology.

1. Long-lasting Color

When you choose James Hardie ColorPlus Technology, you get a long-lasting finish that outlasts a typical paint job. Multiple coats are applied to each siding surface, leaving no spots uncovered.

2. UV Resistance

A lot of homes start out with a vibrant color that changes to a duller color due to the fading that frequently comes from daily sun exposure. James Hardie ColorPlus technology offers homeowners a paint finish that resists fading, and color that remains beautiful and bright for years due to its built-in UV resistance.

3. Uniform Color

Exterior paint jobs can sometimes be low-quality due to chips, cracks, and the need for touch-ups. ColorPlus Technology finish is so durable that it doesn’t chip or need touch-ups. Consistent coverage is what you get with the James Hardie factory process.

4. Variety of Colors 

Homeowners can be overwhelmed by the thousands of color options James Hardie offers. Trying to narrow down a color palette or select the best color for your home can be difficult. Color experts at James Hardie created color selections that look beautiful on all home exteriors.

The ColorPlus Palette is made of handpicked custom colors and combinations for each area of the country. Architecture, extensive research, and climate were considered in choosing the colors. The exquisite options give homeowners confidence they are choosing wisely and will love the look of their home for years to come.

The color palettes help simplify your choices. Traditional painting can involve browsing thousands of colors from many different paint brands before you come to a decision. You’ll still have plenty of colors to choose from, but you won’t have to consider and test out a variety of paint brands.

5. Exceptional Warranty

ColorPlus Technology comes with a 15-year limited warranty that covers both paint and labor. The James Hardie company is so confident in their finishes that their warranty covers peeling, cracking, and chipping, giving generous protection to your investment.

6. Low Maintenance

James Hardie applies multiple coats of paint color which is more than any house painter would use on an exterior project. This ensures long-term performance and low maintenance for your home exterior.

7. Easy Installation

More time is needed when new siding is installed and painted after installation. With ColorPlus technology, once your new siding is installed, the job is complete.  The installation process is streamlined because the siding comes with a long-lasting finish.

There is no need to cover landscaping or deal with clean up after the paint job. With pre-painted siding, your home is not at risk of paint spills on your porch, deck, or plants.

The Primed Siding Option

James Hardie also offers a primed siding option. Homeowners who prefer to have primed siding installed can choose from any paint color on the market and apply it to their new siding after installation. This option gives homeowners more unique color options.  With this option, Seams are less noticeable. There is less chance that caulking will be noticeable if the siding is painted after installation.

Availability can be an issue with ColorPlus boards, as many have to be specially ordered due to a limit in colors, but not with primed boards. They are very rarely out of stock or on backorder, so you can get them immediately.

Preferred James Hardie Siding Installation

Choose the right siding replacement from a contractor you trust. For the best in James Hardie installation, you want to hire a preferred contractor.  Although James Hardie fiber cement siding is a superior product in nearly every way, you still need a reliable team of installers to reap the benefits of this innovative design.

For homeowners like you, this manufacturer certification is one of the strongest quality guarantees on the market today. Each project is carried out by a team of factory-trained and background-checked remodelers.

Homeowners should know that siding is not only meant for making your home look great Exterior aesthetics is just an additional benefit that you get from installing the siding. The main purpose is actually to give your home protection and provide support for the structural foundation.

A contractor’s job is to use their expertise to work on your home. A siding project can involve installation, repair, or replacement. These are tasks that should not be done by beginners for DIYers. When hiring a contractor, they must have the right skills and equipment necessary for a siding job.

Before you sign any contract, the right questions need to be asked and given the right answers so you can make an informed decision.

What Kind of Insurance Do You Have? Without the right coverage, you will have to shoulder any needed repairs caused by the company during the project. Worker’s compensation insurance is also a must-have if you don’t want to be held liable for any injuries workers get while on site.

What Guarantees and Warranties Do You Offer? Before you assume that guarantees are applied to your siding product and installation, you have to ask the company directly. Usually, materials are already part of a warranty from the manufacturer. It is important to know this information before signing on with a contractor so you can protect your property during these projects.

What Brand of Siding Will Be Installed? In your siding contract, the specific brands and types of siding should be listed. This written estimate should be detailed. That means that other materials should also be included, such as home insulation, and trimmings to be used.

Other questions that you should ask include:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • What are your existing policies to mediate customer complaints?
  • How big is your crew?
  • What are examples of jobs you’ve completed? Do you have referrals and reviews I can look at?
  • Do you install James Hardie siding? Is your company credentialed?
  • What are the pros and cons of the various siding materials?
  • Do you hire subcontractors for a job?

Ready to Upgrade Your Siding?

If you’re thinking about upgrading your brick, wood, stone, or vinyl exterior with fiber cement siding, make sure to ask a professional for expert advice before making any decisions. Only a professional and experienced contractor will be able to determine the best material for your home improvement project while guaranteeing their work with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Siding replacement installation is a dedicated project that requires skill, experience, and the right kind of high-quality materials for the best possible outcome. To avoid a costly disaster that you’ll wind up regretting for years to come, hire Banner Construction to install it for you. We are a James Hardie Preferred Contractor, so you know you’ll receive the best service and quality.

Siding represents a long-term investment into your home, so shouldn’t you invest wisely? If you’re considering improving the look of your house with brand new siding, feel free to speak to us about using fiber cement siding for your home.

Contact Banner Construction to find out more about the chief benefits of James Hardie fiber cement siding. Call today and request a free consultation.