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Siding your home can be a good decision for insulation, protection from the weather and improving its curb appeal. Choosing the right siding for your home can be a challenge.

There are several types of siding available, made from various materials. You need to weigh the different characteristics of each type to determine the best alternatives. Looks, durability, maintenance required, safety--these are all factors to consider.  

Fiber cement siding is an alternative to vinyl, aluminum or wood siding.  It is constructed using a blend of cement, sand and cellulose materials. Fiber cement siding closely resembles the look of real wood, but is much more durable and easier to maintain. It can also be painted almost any color.

How Fiber Cement Siding Compares to Other Materials

Fiber cement siding is superior to other types of siding in many ways. Here are some comparisons with other materials traditionally used in siding.



  • Can melt and burn when exposed to flames or extreme heat.

  • Colors are limited, cannot be painted and can fade over time, making repairs difficult to match.

  • Becomes brittle in cold weather and is susceptible to dents and scratches from flying debris.

  • Non-combustible and approved for fire-related construction.

  • Can be painted almost any color.

  • Won’t rot, warp or crack in extreme weather, including hail and high winds.



  • Can shrink or swell due to weather elements, causing the paint to flake and crack.

  • Can attract pests, like termites.

  • Even when treated with fire retardants, wood products can still suffer heavy damage from fires.

  • Resistant to damage in even the most severe climates, remaining beautiful throughout.

  • Not susceptible to damage caused by pests.

  • Non-combustible and approved for fire-related construction.



  • Can easily dent with impact, so flying debris or a stray ball can damage it.

  • Is not the most appealing material for a building.

  • Metal can easily fade and have a chalky appearance.

  • Resists damage from weather elements in even the most severe climates.
  • Is not the most appealing material for a building.
  • Metal can easily fade and have a chalky appearance.

Superior Performance of Fiber Cement Siding

Homeowners looking for a low-maintenance, durable, and attractive siding option for their homes should seriously consider fiber cement siding. Fiber cement siding offers a number of benefits over other siding options. It’s more durable than other materials and offers better aesthetics and curb appeal.

Fiber cement siding won’t rot or mildew. It is exceptionally resistant to extreme weather conditions like rain, wind, hail and bitter cold. It’s also non-combustible, which makes it a safe and secure choice for you and your family.

Why Hire a Professional to Install Fiber Cement Siding

You may be very handy around the house and think you might want to install the fiber cement siding yourself. Before you make that decision, you may want to consider the issues that you could encounter.

Even if you’ve installed other types of siding in the past, installing fiber cement siding is different. Special tools are needed, as are the skills to use those tools. Precise measurements, cutting and finishing are critical. Licensed contractors experienced in installing fiber cement siding must undergo specific training for these projects.

Safety is also a concern. Fiber cement siding is heavier than some other types, so injury from lifting is possible. Climbing up and down ladders and scaffolding also pose a risk of injury, as does using the specialized tools needed. Experienced contractors are insured and bonded. They are liable for any injuries or damage that might occur to property.

Compare the cost of hiring a contractor against the time required for you to do it yourself. Of course, the amount you pay a contractor is more than you pay yourself. But is it really worth it in the long run? Don’t you have other priorities and demands on your time? What if you make mistakes that result in additional costs for replacing or repairing them? Will you need to buy or rent the specialized tools needed? The cost savings you achieve may be much less than you anticipated.

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