The exterior of your home is essential for both functional and aesthetic reasons. Simply put, curb appeal is the visual attraction of a property as seen from the street or sidewalk. Most people think about curb appeal when it’s time to sell their home, but your home’s curb appeal is important for other reasons. It can help protect your property, maintain its value, and create a more appealing environment for your family. 

Updating your home’s exterior can translate into dollars when it’s time to put it on the market. Here are seven exterior upgrades for homeowners to consider. 

1. Improve Your Landscaping

The landscaping leading up to and around your home significantly affects its appearance and curb appeal. Adding shrubs for year-round greenery and seasonal flowers for vibrant accents is an easy way to improve curb appeal. If your home’s foundation is visible, use shrubs, knockout roses, or large-leafed flowering plants with a generous spread to camouflage it. Lining your front walkway with colorful flowers creates a welcoming touch. 

2. Add Additional Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting improves both the ambiance and safety of your home. Add soffit lights to emphasize the architecture of your home, ground lights to accent trees, and porch lights to create a welcoming glow near the front door. Lighting near your home’s number sign makes it easy for guests and visitors to locate your home in the evening. Adding exterior lighting is easy with solar-powered LED options that eliminate the need to dig trenches and add electrical wiring. 

3. Paint or Replace Your Front Door

If your front door is in good condition, a fresh coat of paint and new hardware may be all that is needed to update it. If your door is past its prime, there are many styles to select from today. Like windows, today’s doors are better insulated and can save on energy costs. Modern styles tend to be bold with large flat planes and straight lines. Traditional styles have more subtle beveling, while classic and ornate styles tend to be more intricate. It’s important to choose a door that matches the style of your home. A minimalist, modern door won’t complement a more traditional, ornate home. 

4. Upgrade Your Garage Door

The garage door is often a prominent feature on the front of a home and can be an asset or liability, depending on its appearance. The majority of garage doors are some shade of white, but you can paint your door the same color as your home or choose a contrasting color similar to your shutters and trim accents. Garage doors that were once only flat panels have given way to more detail and better design and color options. Replacing a damaged or worn garage door will instantly improve your home’s appearance.

5. Add Functional Outdoor Living Space

The demand for outdoor living spaces has become a top priority in the last few years, and this trend is expected to continue. Adding an attractive and functional outdoor living space allows you and your family to spend more time outdoors and is a great place to entertain friends and family. Replacing a deteriorating wood deck with a modern PVC deck is an excellent choice for homeowners who want a low-maintenance outdoor living space.

6. Install New Windows

Windows can often date a home, so you can modernize your home by installing new windows. A window replacement is a fast way to improve the appearance and functionality of your home. Wood, fiberglass, and vinyl windows are available in a range of finishes that coordinate with different architectural styles. Consider new, insulated, double-paned windows to improve your home’s efficiency and reduce heating and cooling costs.

7. Update Your Siding

Nothing changes the look of your home’s exterior more than a new paint job or updated siding. Whether you decide on fiber-cement or vinyl siding, you can expect a significant return on your investment. Siding upgrades don’t just improve the appearance of your home. The siding on your home provides additional insulation and protection against the elements. If your siding has become cracked or worn, it’s not insulating your home properly. Damaged siding can also provide a haven for pests, mold, and other problems. 

Does Improving Curb Appeal Really Matter?

Buyers will often assume that a home with good curb appeal has been well maintained and is worth more than similar homes. Increasing home value and getting a significant return on your investment isn’t the same thing. Some projects that improve curb appeal get a better return on investment than others. If you are considering significant remodeling projects before selling your home, consult with an experienced local real estate agent who can advise you on what buyers in your area want most.

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