Maintaining your home is a necessity to keep it in good repair and retain its value. There are maintenance tasks that must be done regularly and more frequently than others, like mowing the lawn, servicing appliances, or keeping the plumbing in good working condition. Other home maintenance is less frequent, like replacing windows. 

Good, high-quality windows that are installed properly can last for decades. But if your windows are older and showing signs of disrepair, it’s probably time to think about replacing them. Repairing a broken window pane is one thing, but when your windows are showing overall signs of deterioration, it’s probably better and more economical to replace them completely.

Signs Your Windows Need Replacing

There are some things to look for when deciding whether to continue repairing your windows or to replace them completely

1. Operational Difficulties

If it’s difficult to open or close your windows, you probably have warped frames the windows are out of balance. That’s often signs of deterioration that cannot be repaired.

2. Condensation

If you notice a filmy or foggy film that cannot be removed, it’s due to broken seals in the windows pane. Not only is it unsightly, but the window’s efficiency has greatly deteriorated, so your utility bills are rising. 

3. Drafts

If you can feel a draft around a window, it means the seals are broken and allowing outside air in. Again, your utility bills will be impacted.

4. Noise

Windows have a sound-muffling feature that reduces noise from the outside. If you’ve notice increased noise levels, it could be that the windows are failing.

5. Damages

If you can see physical damage to the window frames or panes, your window is not functioning well. Visible damage is an opportunity to for intruders to gain access to your home more easily.

6. Higher Utility Bills

Unexplained increases in energy bills are a sign that something isn’t working properly. Drafty and malfunctioning windows could be the culprit.

7. Single Panes

Single-pane windows have not been used for decades, and for good reason. The insulation provided by double- or triple-pane windows goes a long way in keeping your home’s interior temperature comfortable and saving you money on utility bills. 

Reasons to Replace Your Windows

Replace Your Windows

There are several advantages to replacing your windows. Although window replacement is a considerable home improvement expense, the benefits derived can make the cost more than worthwhile.

1. Curb Appeal

The exterior of your home forms the first impression for visitors. Many homes have more windows on the front than any other side. If your windows are broken, the frames cracked, or the panes foggy, it sets a negative tone for your home. Windows also impact the look of your home’s interior as well. 

Modern windows are available in colors and finishes to match the rest of your home’s decor. Make a statement with tinted panes or with bright red frames. Or go with the tried-and-true finishes and colors that will stand the test of time. Either way, they will definitely improve your curb appeal. 

2. Energy Savings

Did you know that heat gain and heat loss through windows are responsible for 25%–30% of residential heating and cooling energy use? Energy-efficient windows are an important consideration for both new and existing homes. Premium replacement windows are more efficient, keeping the outside air out and the inside air in.

Why waste your money on energy that’s just blowing out the windows? New quality replacement windows provide better insulation to keep the interior cooler in summer and warmer in winter without adjusting the thermostat. Your HVAC system will last longer too because it’s not working as hard.

3. Comfort

Because of the energy efficiency found in premium replacement windows, there won’t be drafts of outside air coming through them. That means no cold or hot spots in certain areas. The temperature within the house will be uniformly comfortable. 

Most new replacement windows contain argon gas between the glass panes that helps prevent heat transfer. It also reduces the damaging ultraviolet rays that enter your home, fading carpeting, window coverings, and furniture.

4. Home Value

The ROI for replacing your old windows with new, efficient ones is one of the highest in home improvement projects. In 2021, window replacement recouped an average of over 68% of the cost. Prospective home buyers will appreciate the new windows and they could make the difference in their decision to choose your house.

But don’t wait until you’re ready to sell your home to replace those old windows. Do it while you can still enjoy their benefits – then you can enjoy the return on your investment if and when you sell.

5. Security

If your windows are warped or worn where they won’t even lock, it provides a perfect opportunity for intruders to enter your home. On the other hand, if you can’t even open the windows, how will you and your family escape in the event of a fire?

New replacement windows that are functional can give you peace of mind, knowing that your family is safe and secure, Plus, some newer windows include options that enhance security with sensors that alert you if anyone is attempting to break in and locks that resist tampering. 

Window shades

6. Healthier

Tightly-fitting windows keep out the allergens that are in the air outdoors. You’ll suffer less from allergies indoors when these new windows are installed. Add to that the fact that there are options with modern windows that include between-the-glass blinds and shades. No more accumulated dust on your window coverings to trigger allergies. (Added bonus: no cleaning required!) Plus, these blinds and shades are cordless, making them safe around children and pets.

New windows that let the natural light in while keeping the harmful UV rays out can help you get the Vitamin D you need. It also helps with depression and seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Who doesn’t feel a lot more cheerful on a bright sunny day? And with the UV protection, you don’t have to worry about the sun fading your furnishings or flooring.

7. Lower Maintenance

You’ll spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying the view from your beautiful new replacement windows. With the built-in shades and blinds, no more dusting and cleaning your window coverings. Tilt-in windows eliminate the need to climb on ladders outdoors to wash them. 

When you choose windows with vinyl frames, it eliminates the need to paint them, like the old wooden frames of the past. You’ll save the time and money previously spent on this chore.

8. Noise Reduction

The Argon gas that fills the space between double- and triple- pane windows not only prevents energy loss, but also reduces outside noise. Even if your home is near a busy street or construction is taking place near you, you can still enjoy a quiet, peaceful home.

9. No More Storm Windows

There is no need for storm windows with energy-efficient replacement windows. You won’t have to worry about switching out those storm windows for screens when the weather turns warm, then again when it turns cold. 

Premium Windows Are Your Best Choice

premium windows

If you’re looking to replace your old windows, there are many options available. The cost is considerable, so you want to choose wisely. 

The reason that Banner Construction only installs premium windows is because our goal is to give our customers the best. We cannot, in good conscience, recommend lower-quality windows because they are inferior in performance and durability. 

The only brands we install are Pella and Simonton windows. These two brands provide homeowners with solutions that they will be proud of and that will last for decades. Low quality windows, or those that are “construction grade”, tend to last about 10 years, while higher quality windows can last 25-30 years or more, with proper installation and maintenance. Both brands are highly rated by Consumer Reports for their superior performance and durability against the elements. 

Both Pella and Simonton have a wide selection of window shapes and styles. Unlike “standard” shapes and sizes you’ll find at your typical big-box store, these brands will custom-make any windows to fit your openings. There is no need to add shims, caulking, or insulation around them when the window is too small for the opening, or to widen the opening if the window is too large. The premium windows will fit more snugly and keep the outside air from seeping through them.

Hire a Professional Window Installer

Replacing windows is a big job; one that is best done by a professional who has experience and training to install them properly. The biggest reason for hiring a professional is to comply with specifications on the warranty. If not installed properly, you will likely have no recourse if you don’t hire a certified window installer.

Banner Construction is a certified Pella and Simonton Windows Installation Contractor. O(ur installers have gone through the required training and follow all guidelines and specifications to ensure the windows are installed correctly. You can feel secure in the fact that your windows are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty should any issues arise.

When you’re looking for the best windows and the best installation in the St. Louis metropolitan area, contact Banner Construction. We’ll provide you with a free estimate and answer any questions you may have.