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There are many home maintenance projects. Some are mandatory to maintain the structure and stability of the home. Others are to improve the aesthetics. Some accomplish both goals. 

It’s always nice to know when your home improvement project improves its value. The return on investment can vary with any project. Installing or replacing your siding is one project that has a high ROI value. But an even higher ROI is achieved when you choose James Hardie Fiber Cement siding and products. 

The James Hardie Difference

James Hardie Industries is the world’s foremost producer and marketer of high-performance fiber cement and fiber gypsum building solutions. The company was established in 1888, making it one of the oldest and most respected companies in the building products business. 

James Hardie pioneered fiber cement products in the 1980s, giving it a competitive edge and transforming it into the juggernaut that it is today. In the United States, James Hardie represents 90 percent of the fiber cement siding market and it has been installed on over 5.5 million homes

James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding outperforms other siding materials like vinyl, aluminum, and wood due to a number of salient features. It is non-combustible which gives it the ability to better withstand heat and flames. It is not susceptible to pests, unlike wood siding which is a breeding ground for termites and other pests. 

Fiber cement siding is not porous which prevents it from swelling and cracking in heat and humidity. All of these qualities assure that the fiber cement siding requires very little maintenance once it is installed, giving it the most longevity out of all the other siding materials.

James Hardie aims to provide products that are not just immaculate in their design and aesthetic appeal, but also offer hardened protection to the home. Its industry-leading products are meant to pass the test of time, giving the home lasting beauty that homeowners can rely on. The company’s siding offerings help homeowners create historically accurate homes in a wide variety of architectural styles such as Colonial, Victorian, Craftsman, and more. 

James Hardie also offers a 30-year limited warranty on its products due to its remarkable confidence in the durability of its own products. This level of extensive coverage is not provided by competing companies in the space.

James Hardie has developed the ColorPlus Technology, a factory finish available in an assortment of beautiful colors. This technology offers superior fade resistance compared to paint applied in the field. The addition of the factory finish makes James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding an extremely popular alternative to vinyl and other siding materials.

Varying climates such as hurricanes, UV rays, snowstorms, and even the changing seasons can affect product performance. Homeowners require different products for the best durability and performance to withstand the weather in the region where they are installed. The company thus created the HardieZone system to ensure that homeowners get the right product for their region.

James Hardie also offers other products such as Hardie Textured Panels, HardiePlank Lap Siding, HardieShingle Siding, HardiePanel Vertical Siding, HardieTrim Boards, HardieSoffit Pre-Cut Panels, Artisan by James Hardie, HardieWrap Weather Barrier, HardieBacker Cement Board, HardieTrim Trim and Fascia, Aspyre Collection by James Hardie, and many more.

Get the Best Siding Installed by a Preferred Contractor

Banner Construction, a full-service exterior restoration contractor, encourages homeowners to have James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding installed on their property to increase its value. We promise you will more than just recoup the cost of installation when you try to sell the property, netting a high ROI. 

Banner Construction is an Elite Preferred JH Siding installer. We are 100% devoted to the quality installation and service of the James Hardie Plank Siding, related trim, and other accessories. 

All of our sales consultants and installation crews receive the required James Hardie factory training to maintaining our Elite Preferred status. We have years of experience working with homeowners in the St. Louis Metropolitan area to achieve the best results possible.

Banner Construction has been serving homeowners and businesses in St. Louis and St. Charles counties and surrounding cities in Missouri since 1993. Contact us today to get a free consultation for your next siding installation project.