Before you start making changes to your home, it’s important to know that certain home improvement projects pay off better than others. Often homeowners assume that building a dream kitchen is the best use of their money. They pour thousands of dollars into new countertops, cabinets, and appliances, only to learn that they won’t be getting much of that money back when they sell.

Exterior upgrades may appear to focus on improving appearance, but they can also positively impact function. New windows and siding can lower energy costs, while a new roof can protect your home for many years. According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2022 Cost vs. Value Report, exterior projects offer a high return on investment when you’re ready to sell your home.

Exterior Projects That Make a Difference

When it comes to making home improvements, you should consider how a remodel or renovation will improve your home’s value and your family’s comfort. Many exterior upgrades can enhance your home’s appearance, from adding a new deck to redesigning your home’s facade. Some projects can also influence how much money you spend on monthly energy bills and ongoing maintenance costs. New roofing, siding, and replacement windows are perfect examples of exterior projects that can protect your home from the elements, increase energy efficiency, and improve curb appeal.

1. Roof Replacement

Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against the weather and other elements. Your roof protects your home and family from rain, wind, hail, snow, and pests. Replacing an old roof sooner rather than later will keep your home safe from the elements and save you from expensive problems in the long run. Even a seemingly minor roof leak can lead to costly structural issues if ignored for too long. A typical asphalt roof generally has a lifespan of around 10-15 years, so it’s important to have your roof regularly inspected to ensure that it is in good condition. 

2. New Siding

If your roof is your property’s first line of defense from the elements, then your siding is a close second. Quality siding protects against air and moisture infiltration. Replacing worn-out siding is one of the best ways to enhance your home’s curb appeal and strengthen its protection from the elements. When choosing new siding, look for an option that is durable, resists moisture and pests, and requires minimal upkeep. High-quality vinyl or fiber-cement siding can last for decades with little maintenance. New fiber cement or vinyl siding recoups about 68% of its cost at resale.

3. Replacement Windows

Air and moisture follow the path of least resistance. If there are any leaks or cracks in your home’s exterior, water will concentrate there, increasing the risk of mold or rot. Energy-efficient windows and doors improve not only thermal insulation but also weather resistance. With proper sealing, they render the weakest parts of your walls airtight. If your windows are so worn that they no longer provide a proper seal or are structurally unsound, it’s time to consider replacing them. Installing Energy Star-rated windows can save money on heating and cooling costs. Upgrading to Energy Star-rated windows may also qualify you for a green energy tax credit

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4. A New Deck

Potential homebuyers are willing to spend more on a home with functional outdoor space. Enhancing your outdoor living space with a new deck offers a solid return on investment. A new deck retains its value surprisingly well when properly designed and installed correctly. Premium decks and upgraded materials such as high-quality, low-maintenance composite or PVC decking offer even more value. 

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