Why You Should Hire a James Hardie Preferred Contractor

Every homeowner wants to improve their home’s curb appeal. We invest time and money in home improvement projects for various reasons.  Some focus on needed repairs after years of use, while others work to increase the value of our home.  Depending on budget, both repairs and improvements are the goal. Whatever the reason, you always want to choose products that are durable and high-quality for any project.

It’s important to remember that no structural component, no matter how good, will provide the reliability and quality a homeowner expects unless it is properly installed.

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James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding

James Hardie fiber cement siding is durable, long-lasting, aesthetically appealing and comes with an excellent warranty. However, if it’s not installed properly, it may look shoddy, and the warranty could be voided. That is why it’s essential, if you want the best results, to look for a James Hardie Elite Preferred company, with a James Hardie certified contractor.

Fortunately, James Hardie has made this task much easier since the company endorses and catalogs all the contractors that meet its exacting standards, and it is easy to find them in each area, whether you live in California or are looking for some work done right here in St. Louis, Missouri.

The Recognized Leader in Fiber Cement Siding

James Hardie is the siding industry leader. They have satisfied homeowners and contractors alike for years.  Their products and reputation have spread across Europe, Asia, and North America, and that’s for a good reason. James Hardie is a big name in some of the most significant advancements in home exteriors today.

Millions in the U.S. adorn their homes with James Hardie fiber cement siding. The appearance and performance of this durable material have made it the number one siding choice for homeowners and remodeling contractors for decades. James Hardie continues to improve their products through rigorous evaluations and testing to ensure that homeowners are provided with a high-quality long-lasting product.

Why James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding?

The siding of a home is there for protection. It is meant to act as an exterior wall, protecting the house from the cold, rain, snow, and other elements of the outdoors.

For modern homes, the exterior is also supposed to protect the insulation, which acts as a buffer between the walls inside your house and the exterior itself, providing an extra layer of thermal protection.

When choosing siding material for your home, you want it to not only last a long time but improve your home’s appearance.  Vinyl, wood, or brick are decent choices, but there is one that is superior to them all: fiber cement siding.

Fiber cement is a mix of cement and wood pulp. The James Hardie company first manufactured fiber cement in the 1980s, and it quickly proved its worth as the new siding material of choice for homeowners who wanted the most durable and highest-performing siding for their homes.

There are many reasons to choose the world-leading James Hardie fiber cement siding. Here are just a few:

  • Durability. Fiber Cement Siding is five times thicker than vinyl siding. It won’t crack, warp or shrink. James Harding siding is also rot and insect resistant, saving homeowners time and money for maintenance. 
  • Longevity. All of James Hardie’s siding products come with a 30-year non-prorated warranty. Trim products are accompanied by a 15-year warranty. When you choose fiber cement siding for your home, you’re making a lifetime investment.
  • Appearance. James Hardie fiber cement siding can be made to mimic other siding materials such as cedar shingles, wood lap boards, or wood shake siding. Fiber cement siding does not require as much maintenance as other siding materials.
  • Variety of Colors. The color options of James Hardie siding are practically endless. All  their siding products come primed and ready to be painted. If you want color on your siding upon installation, you have pre-colored options with ColorPlus Technology.  These colors are baked on, not just painted. This ensures that the siding won’t chip, peel, or crack.
  • The colors will remain bright and resist UV rays to fight against fading. The ColorPlus Technology siding products come with a 15-year warranty on the finish.
  • Non-Combustible.  James Hardie fiber cement siding is made to resist damage from extreme heat. It will not ignite if exposed to a direct flame, nor will it contribute fuel to a house fire. Its non-combustible properties can even allow discounts from some insurance companies on coverage if homes use James Hardie siding.
  • Protection. Fiber cement siding can resist damage from strong winds, hail storms, high humidity, and freezing conditions. After studying how different climates affect siding, James Hardie developed the HardieZone system to ensure that you have the right product for your climate.

What Is a James Hardie Preferred Contractor?

James Hardie has a rigorous evaluation process that selects top-tier contractors who specialize in the installation of James Hardie products. To receive the James Hardie preferred status, contractors must have a proven track record of quality results, satisfied customers, and demonstrate high standards. A third-party surveying service is used to assess all contractors.

After receiving a James Hardie siding installation, customers receive assessments about the contractor’s work and service. This feedback assists in the selection of contractors for the James Hardie preferred status.  For a contractor to be awarded the James Hardie seal of approval, it must receive a score of at least ninety percent for the “Likely to Recommend” category.

Other requirements contractors need to receive the James Hardie preferred status include:

  • Regular and random installation audits by James Hardie
  • Satisfactory record with the BBB or other accredited agencies
  • Professional licensing and fully bonded
  • Liability insurance of $1,000,000 per occurrence
  • Workman’s compensation insurance
  • Compliance with Installation Best Practices
  • Satisfactory background checks with at least 10 past clients
  • Professional sales approach
  • Satisfactory credit report

What Does This Mean for Homeowners?

When you hire a James Hardie Elite Preferred contractor, you’re choosing reputable professionals who consistently provide quality installation of the best siding product on the market. Knowing you have knowledgeable and highly trained contractors working on your home will give you peace of mind.

Proven Installation Process

James Hardie preferred contractors receive industry-leading training of best practices, procedures, and tools. This is needed to ensure an efficient, safe, and quality installation.

Installing fiber cement siding is not designed for the typical handyman, nor should it be a DIY project. There are specific requirements and specifications involved in installing James Hardie siding, so hiring a professional, certified contractor is your best bet. 

A preferred contractor has access to all James Hardie products so that you can choose different style options for your home. You can create the home of your dreams using the diverse and detailed fiber cement siding products. The James Hardie warranties also depend on it being installed by a preferred contractor.

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Examples of James Hardie siding products include:

  • HardiePlank Lap Siding. The best-selling product in North America.
  • HardieShingle Siding. Use it to get the cedar shingle look or as an accent on part of your home.
  • HardiePanel Vertical Siding. This product works well with modern homes.
  • HardieTrim Boards. Trim helps introduce colors. Use this product to accentuate corners, columns, doors, and windows.
  • Hardie Soffit Panels. Protect your home from moisture by reinforcing the space between the eaves and exterior walls.

Issues from Improper Installation

James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding is a top-quality product that can last for many years. However, some issues can occur if it’s not installed properly. These issues could result in deteriorated performance, premature damage and even a voided product warranty.

For these reasons, choosing a James Hardie preferred contractor is important.  These top-rated contractors know how to properly implement each step of the siding installation process using James Hardie’s recommended techniques and tools. Hiring anyone else could be costly. Some issues that could result include:

  • Improper Clearances. The siding must be installed with the appropriate clearance spaces—from roofs, decks, driveways, steps, gutters, and flashing.
  • Improper Attachment. Nails should be either blind-nailed or face-nailed, but not a combination of both. Nails must be a certain size and driven in straight.
  • Improper Caulking. Caulking should not be applied to James Hardie ColorPlus siding.
  • Improper Cutting. Fiber cement siding requires special types of saws to cut the boards.

The Trusted James Hardie Installer in Missouri

Banner Construction is a James Hardie Elite Preferred Contractor. That means our team is trained to ensure we provide proper fiber cement siding installation for every homeowner who chooses us to work on their home. You’ll get a quality install every time.

Banner Construction offers a variety of colors, textures, and finishes that only a certified James Hardie contractor has access to. If you’re looking for a historical or modern look, we have the products and experience to make your dreams become a reality.

Don’t just give your home the best siding material, allow a highly qualified contractor to provide you with a superior installation — one that will make your siding last for years to come. Contact Banner Construction to schedule a complimentary consultation today.