Why You Should Hire a James Hardie Contractor

There’s a financial dilemma that always comes with being a homeowner, and that’s in the area of home improvement. Everyone agrees that home improvement is a good thing, after all. But the big catch with home improvement is that it’s a lot like dieting or exercise because there are the effort and cost that have long-term benefits but those can be difficult to accept in the short term.

Home improvement can do great things for your quality of life at home and even increase the value of your property if you do decide one day to sell. The curb appeal and overall worth are very much entwined. That’s why we recommend that if you’re thinking of getting some major work done on your home’s exterior, you think about going with a James Hardie certified contractor.

But why? We’ll explain exactly what kind of peace of mind you get with this decision.

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The Hardie Difference

The James Hardie company, as a business, has been around for over 100 years, so you know that this company is doing something right! James Hardie was originally based in Australia and started in the 19th century, and it is now a multi-national corporation. Its products and reputation have spread across Europe, Asia, and North America, and that’s for a good reason. James Hardie is a big name in some of the most significant advancements in home exteriors today.

For people who aren’t familiar with the industry, when those who know the business talk about things like the James Hardie warranty, they’re explicitly talking about the outside of the home and the siding that covers it. Home exteriors have had a lot of different materials over the centuries, and while wood, brick, and stone are still in use even today, options like aluminum, vinyl, and even stucco have become more popular. Then came the James Hardie company with its fiber cement products, and the way we protected our homes changed a lot.

The Armor of Your Home

The siding of a home plays the functional role of armor. These are the materials that are meant to act as the exterior wall, and they are supposed to protect the house from the cold, rain, snow, and other elements of the outdoors. For modern homes, the exterior is also supposed to protect the insulation, which acts as the buffer between the walls inside your house and the exterior itself, providing an extra layer of thermal protection.

So, just like the windows of your home, the siding is the one that receives never-ending abuse and exposure to the elements, and yet it is expected to shelter the residents inside for years, if not decades, without constantly needing to be maintained. That is why James Hardie certified contractors came to be, specializing in installing long-lasting and durable products like James Hardie fiber cement siding.

A New Form of Protection

The James Hardie warranty that is applied to correctly installed James Hardie products is part of a relatively recent innovation in materials design. Fiber cement is a unique composite substance that is a mix, roughly, of cement and wood pulp, which brings in the advantages of both materials while getting rid of many of the weaknesses. The James Hardie company first pioneered the use of fiber cement in the 1980s, and it quickly proved its worth as the new premium siding material of choice for people who wanted the most value balanced with the highest performance for their homes.

Fiber cement siding is not the cheapest alternative. There are choices for siding that are less expensive per square foot, such as wood, or vinyl. And other siding choices cost more than fiber cement siding, such as brick or stone.  But fiber siding manages to exceed all of these choices despite sitting in the middle of the cost spectrum, and that is through lower maintenance and durability.

The Look You Want

Fiber cement siding, when properly installed by a James Hardie certified contractor, brings a lot of advantages to a home. Because it is a synthetic, composite material, you have a lot more choice of over the appearance of the siding. You can choose from a variety of “pre-baked” colors so that you don’t have to worry about painting your home. This option means several layers of paint that’s backed by a 15-year James Hardie Warranty. It also gives you the opportunity to spruce up the look of your home by choosing multiple colors for your building.

However, if you do want to paint fiber cement siding, it can take this treatment as well. Stains specifically made for use with fiber cement siding are recommended if you do this. Of course, that will mean a bit more maintenance on your part, as the stain will need to be periodically reapplied.

Perhaps most impressive of all is that fiber cement siding can be configured into different styles and textures. If you want something that has the look of wood, with that same organic texture, fiber cement siding is thick enough to be manufactured this way. On the other hand, if you want something that resembles vinyl, or shingles, this can be done too. It’s all up to you!

A Modern Material

But perhaps the most significant advantage of getting a James Hardie elite preferred installation is once the fiber cement siding is properly installed, your maintenance worries are at a minimum. Fiber cement is currently one of the most durable and low maintenance of the siding options on the market. Stone, for all its density, is fragile and chips easily. Brick eventually wears down, and the mortar may need to be repointed after a few years, which is a costly, messy procedure. While wood is the cheapest option, it also warps and degrades the fastest, requiring extensive, expensive maintenance.

Fiber cement siding takes the durability of harder materials like aluminum and vinyl and improves upon them. Proper “Hardieplank,” installed by a James Hardie certified contractor, is heat resistant, which means it’s less prone to the warping that happens to vinyl siding when exposed to very strong sources of heat.

James Hardie fiber cement siding can also, when properly maintained, last longer than vinyl. It’s pretty standard for vinyl to have a lifespan of 20-40 years, while fiber cement, when properly installed and cared for, can last between 30-50 years and even go far beyond that to 100 years!

Making the Right Choice

However, as good as Hardieplank might be when compared to other materials like brick or vinyl, it’s important to remember that no structural component, no matter how good, will provide the reliability and quality a homeowner expects unless it is properly installed. That is why it’s essential, if you want the best results, to look for a James Hardie Elite Preferred company, with a James Hardie certified contractor.

Fortunately, James Hardie has made this task much easier since the company endorses and catalogs all the contractors that meet its exacting standards, and it is easy to find them in each area, whether you live out in California or are looking for some work done right here in St. Louis, Missouri. While a certain basic competence is relatively easy to achieve when it comes to installing siding, knowledge, specialization, experience, and a commitment to excellence are what distinguish quality work from mediocre results.

If you’re looking to go beyond just the peace of mind that comes from having a James Hardie warranty, then you should look for a James Hardie certified contractor with the James Hardie Elite Preferred status. This designation means that a contractor has been evaluated by the James Hardie company itself, has undergone additional, specialized training in James Hardie siding materials, and has a proven track record of quality results. In other words, a company with the James Hardie Elite Preferred status is one with the official seal of approval of that means quality results and a lifetime of durability and reliability for the home itself. These companies have passed the test of both time and quality, and they pass that legacy onto your home.

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