Protect Yourself from Window Replacement Scams

window replacement

New replacement windows can help save you money as they improve your home’s energy efficiency. They are worth the investment if you get a quality product and installation. Unfortunately, the window replacement industry has its fair share of individuals who try to take advantage of homeowners.These companies are known as scam artists. Don’t fall for […]

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Why Pella Is the Premium Window and Door Manufacturer

Why Pella Is The Premium Window and Door ManufacturerPella has been a leader in the innovation of manufacturing windows and doors since 1925. This family-owned company started in Pella, Iowa, where they are still located today.  Pella has been awarded over 150 product and design patents. This leading manufacturer of attractive, functional, energy-efficient windows is […]

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Why Choose Premium Replacement Windows?

premium windows

Why Choose Premium Replacement Windows?Feeling a draft in your bedroom? Or does your home feel like an oven during the summertime? Too much noise from your neighbors? If any of these issues exist, you may need to replace your windows. You can choose ordinary windows from a box-store, but if you are wanting greater insulation […]

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Is it Worth the Cost to Replace Your Windows?

replace windows

When it comes to home improvement, there always seems to be something that needs fixing, improving, or replacing. If you don’t pay attention and keep up with the maintenance, your home will soon sink into disrepair that you may be unable to recoup. Sometimes you need to weigh the importance of improvement or repair projects. If […]

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Best Materials for Replacement Windows Frames

replacement window frame

Best Materials for Replacement Windows FramesAre your windows showing signs of age? Are the frames bent, panes foggy, or they just won’t open properly? There are many reasons why you would need replacement windows. If you’re considering getting new windows, how do you know what types are best for your home? We’ve offered some comparisons […]

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Tips on Cleaning Your Siding

cleaning your siding

Exterior siding on your home has many benefits. It can insulate and protect your home and is great for displaying a positive curb appeal. However, if your siding is dirty, it creates a negative impression on passers-by or visitors. Siding is versatile, durable, and resilient, but like other aspects of home improvement and maintenance, it requires […]

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Is it Time to Replace those Old Windows?

Is it Time to Replace those Old Windows?Spring is here and you might be thinking of doing some home improvements. Maybe you’re trying to decide what improvements would provide you with the best return on investment. Let me assure you that replacing those old windows in your home can reap many benefits.11 Reasons to Replace […]

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Eco-Friendly Fiber Cement Siding

eco-friendly fiber cement siding

Eco-Friendly Fiber Cement SidingKeeping our planet sustainable has been and continues to be an important concern for homeowners, as well as builders. Using green products and materials helps preserve our natural resources and eliminate harmful Volatile Organic Compounds from the air. It’s sometimes difficult to go green and still get optimal functionality and the aesthetic appeal […]

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Should You Get Tinted Home Windows?

Tinted home windows

Should You Get Tinted Home Windows?You have many options when selecting replacement windows for your home. Brand, frame colors, shapes, design—all are factors to consider. Since these windows should last for many years, it’s a good idea to weigh your choices before deciding which ones are right for you. One important factor in replacement windows for […]

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Advantages of Fiber Cement Siding

advantages fiber cement siding

Advantages of Fiber Cement SidingExterior siding on your home is a great way to protect it from weather elements. It also adds visual appeal to the house. When you decide to have siding installed, you will have options on the materials used. Choices include fiber cement, wood, vinyl and metal (steel and aluminum). They all have […]

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