Advantages of James Hardie Siding

James Hardie fiber cement siding is non-combustible, resistant to water damage and rot, and can withstand any climate. There are numerous reasons to choose James Hardie products when selecting a siding product for your home. Here are nine top reasons to choose James Hardie siding over other options on the market.

9 Reasons to Choose James Hardie Siding 

1. Specifically Engineered for the Midwest

James Hardie is the only company that manufactures siding products for specific climates, ensuring you get the best performance for your region. James Hardie's climate-specific HardieZone® Technology offers outstanding performance and durability. The HZ5® product line is perfect for Missouri, where we experience a little bit of everything when it comes to weather. These materials perform well in the heat and humidity of summer and the wet, freezing conditions of winter. 

2. ColorPlus®Technology 

Among James Hardie's notable innovations is their ColorPlus® Technology, a finish applied exclusively to James Hardie siding products inside a controlled factory environment. When the product is ready to be packaged, it will have received at least two coats of paint and two trips through the curing oven to get the color fully baked into the board. The result is a flawless finish resistant to fading, chipping, and cracking, meaning significantly less maintenance for homeowners.

3. Outstanding Product Warranties

James Hardie offers a 30-year, non-prorated warranty on their siding products. Their trim products come with a 15-year, non-prorated warranty. The ColorPlus® Technology finish comes with an outstanding 15-year limited warranty that covers paint and labor, protecting against peeling, cracking, and chipping. These exceptional warranties give homeowners peace of mind.

4. Sustainability

James Hardie was named the "Greenest Siding Brand" in the Green Builder® Media annual Readers' Choice survey for 2020. James Hardie siding is made of cement, sand, and cellulose fibers that are readily available in abundance. Unlike other types of siding, no toxic materials are required to produce fiber cement siding products. James Hardie has committed to sustainability. They source 90 percent of their materials from regional suppliers and use waste minimization and solid waste recycling technologies to support "zero waste to landfill" initiatives. 

5. Durability

Durability is a hallmark of the James Hardie line of sustainable building products. James Hardie siding resists cracking, rotting, hail damage, termites, and other problems that plague wood or vinyl siding products. Their products can easily last up to 50 years and come with a 30-year, non-prorated warranty for added peace of mind and protection. James Hardie products require fewer replacement resources, and maintenance and repair costs are minimal.  

6. Spectacular Appearance 

James Hardie siding is over five times thicker than vinyl, allowing deeper grooves and a more authentic wood-grain effect. Hardie Plank siding bears a striking resemblance to wood, complete with grain and texture. Unlike wood, Hardie Plank Siding is impervious to the most common forms of damage that threaten wood siding, including water, rot, termites, and extreme weather conditions. James Hardie offers numerous colors, styles, and textures to choose from that suit every home style, from historic to modern.

7. Increased Energy Efficiency

James Hardie's line of high-quality building products works together to create homes with a better insulation value, increased air tightness, reduced heat transfer, lower energy costs, and are more comfortable and healthier. Rigid foam insulation, combined with HardieWrap® weather barrier and James Hardie® siding, provides an excellent solution for lowering home energy costs. Saving money on monthly home heating and cooling costs is a significant advantage of choosing James Hardie products.

8. Return on Investment

High-quality siding is an investment in your home that pays you back. Replacement siding offers one of the best investment returns for exterior remodeling projects. You'll enjoy your new siding now, and if you sell your home in the future, your home will have increased in value. According to Remodeling Magazine, installing an upscale product like James Hardie siding will increase the value of your home and fetch an average 68% return on investment. 

9. Easy Maintenance

James Hardie's baked-on ColorPlus® Technology has greater resistance to fading, chipping, and cracking, meaning less maintenance to keep it functioning and remaining beautiful. Hardie® fiber cement siding and trim products resist humidity, pests, fire, and mold damage. James Hardie products resist mildew and mold growth, so they can be kept looking brand new by spraying them off with a regular garden hose. 

Elite Preferred James Hardie Contractors

An Elite Preferred James Hardie Contractor has undergone extensive training and demonstrated the highest customer satisfaction and quality standards across numerous installations. Hiring contractors certified by James Hardie to install their fiber cement siding properly is essential. Fiber cement is difficult to cut and handle. James Hardie Elite Preferred Contractors receive frequent training in proper installation procedures, ensuring that the job is done right the first time. Banner Construction is proud to be an Elite Preferred James Hardie Contractor for homeowners in the St. Louis area.

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