2020 Color Trends for the Exterior of a Home

Changing the exterior color of a home can immediately elevate curb appeal and increase property value. The problem is finding the right color and a reputable siding contractor to make it happen. For 2020, there are a few color trends that will make a home stand out from the rest. Banner Construction provides plenty of color options with a James Hardie Fiber Cement siding installation.

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James Hardie fiber cement siding products include various styles to enhance the architecture and decor of any home. With these different products comes a range of colors divided into five main color groups:

  • Classic Lights & Darks
  • Grays & Naturals
  • Blues & Greens
  • Earth Tones
  • Peaceful Pastels

The color combinations of siding and trim are endless when James Hardie products are chosen.

Exterior House Color Trends for 2020

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When homeowners are ready to sell or just looking to make some improvements, one of the best ways to upgrade a home is to change the color of it. It’s important to know which colors look best with a particular architecture before choosing one.


Blue has always been a popular exterior color. However, in decades past, it was always a quiet, paler blue that was used. Today, there are several bold and unique shades of blue coming to the market, including those like sea blue or turquoise, which offers a stylish coastal feel. A gray-blue exterior gives a home more warmth.

No matter the style of a house, a shade of colonial blue is both classic and timeless. Other crisp blues can create a bold statement or sky-inspired blues that can create a serene backdrop on the exterior of a home.


For a more neutral color, taupe remains a popular color. Although it is a simple color, homeowners choose it for its warmth and the accent color options that pair well with it. When taupe is used as the base color, red or brown accents add a complementary look. Taupe colored siding comes in a range of tints, like green or grey, making it easy to customize a home’s exterior.

White and Ivory

A classic white exterior never goes out of style. This crisp color pairs well with a pop of color on the front door. Ivory, on the other hand, gives the same sleekness of a white exterior, but without its harshness.


Gray offers a statement of sophistication and style, and while it is a little bit more formal than some colors, it can increase the curb appeal of any home. One of the most on-trend colors for 2020 is a light gray exterior to give the home a modern look. More homeowners are choosing a dark gray for the exterior of their home as well.

Choose dark charcoal with stark white trim for a strong contrast that makes a statement. A gray-green hue fits any style of home, making it a safe choice for homeowners.


Olive green is making a comeback. It provides an elegant finish that comes in different shade variations. This color pairs well with darker colored accents. A sage green exterior presents an earthy tone that lets you accentuate the trim and landscaping. Mint green provides a cool tone.


For a real pop of color, consider a shade of mustard yellow, which works well on both historic and modern home exteriors. A pale yellow offers warmth without being overbearing.

Things To Consider When Choosing Exterior Colors

Keep these considerations in mind when settling on an exterior house color.

1. Landscaping

If there are a variety of decorative plants in the yard, consider how the exterior color will look with the landscaping.

2. Neighbors

A color that stands out, but also complements the surrounding homes, will make the home seem more harmonious with the rest of the neighborhood. It’s also a good idea to check with the Homeowners Association about which colors are appropriate to meet their standards.

3. The size of the home

To make a home appear bigger, go with a lighter exterior color. An expansive building can be virtually any color.

These are the colors to keep in mind to stay on trend when choosing a color for the exterior of a home. Not sure what to choose? Consult a professional like Banner Construction to guide the decision on the perfect color.

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