Proposal Process

Banner Construction Proposal Process

The proposal process for both siding and windows is basically the same. Here are the steps:

  • The sales representative meets with the potential customer to find out the specifics of what they want and takes photos along with measurements
  • For James Hardie fiber cement siding proposals, they use a computer program that allows them to showcase different color and profile options.
  • They then schedule a time for the sales rep to again meet with the customer to present their written, detailed proposal and they go over the potential project step by step. They answer any questions the prospect might have and show them their options. They can bring out samples if the prospect would like along with color swatches.

The Proposal

Once the prospect agrees on the terms and conditions of the work, a proposal is drawn up. The contents and stipulations of each proposal will differ, depending on the type of work to be done, but could include details such as the following:

  • Assumptions. This covers responsibilities of both Banner and the homeowner. For example, preparing the area, cleanup, etc.
  • General Conditions. This is a description of the project and what will be done by Banner. For example, site supervision, project management, building materials storage, daily cleanup, etc.
  • Demolition and Haul Away. This includes what Banner will remove, salvage, install, reinstall, and any other related tasks. For example, if trim, fascia, and molding is to be replaced, this would cover the removal of the old materials.
  • Exterior Carpentry. This section covers the details on the siding to be installed on the home’s exterior. It could also include information about replacing rotted trim, garage doors, fascia boards, and other exterior items in addition to the siding.
  • Windows. This section is for window replacement projects. It includes the brand, style, color, and number of windows to be installed.
  • Doors. If doors are being installed, this section will include the same type of information as the Windows section.
  • Exterior Painting. Any painting necessary that accompanies either the siding or windows/doors replacement project is detailed in this section.
  • Interior Painting. This is strictly for window and door replacement projects and usually includes details (prep, color, etc.) on painting any window casings or the interior of the front door.
  • Miscellaneous. If there are any additional details agreed to on the project, they will be listed here. Examples are removal of items before siding and installing bottom door sweep.
  • Not Included. Any specific items or tasks that will not be done will be included here. For example, if there are any items in disrepair but the client doesn’t want Banner to repair them, they will be listed here.
  • Provisions. This section can include exceptions or exclusions that were discussed with the homeowner. For example, if weather conditions are such that they challenge the integrity of the materials, work will not be done.

The proposal will include a total cost, including materials, labor, and taxes. Any discounts or special promotions will be noted. Terms of payment will also be noted as follows:

Banner Construction Cash Payment Terms

  • 30% Down Payment
  • 20% Upon Windows/Doors Delivery & Start
  • 20% Upon Siding Delivery & Start
  • 30% Upon Completion of Project

Finally, the proposal will be signed and dated by a Banner Construction representative and the homeowner.

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