Choose Pella and Simonton for Your Window Needs

When selecting the perfect windows for your property, it’s essential to consider the reputation and history of the brand you choose. Two household names in the window industry are Pella and Simonton. 

  • Pella, founded in 1925, started as a small lumber company in Iowa. In 1933, they introduced their first window line, and have been growing ever since. Pella places a high value on quality materials and unparalleled craftsmanship. Homeowners rated Pella windows and doors #1 in the highest quality and innovation. Consumer Reports has also ranked Pella #1 consistently in their tests. Pella has been named the greenest window and door brand by Green Builder Media. Pella offers energy-efficient options that will meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® certification in all 50 states. 
  • Simonton, founded in 1946, has created innovative windows for over 70 years. They also meet ENERGY STAR® guidelines and are considered thermal-efficient. Simonton is known for their dedication to customers and commitment to producing the finest windows. Simonton Windows are designed for beauty with an impression that is made to last with various designs and styles to choose from. Their most popular series, the SimontonReflections 5500 series, offers a Double Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Both companies have withstood the test of time, proving to be reliable and quality brands. They have a long-standing reputation for product excellence and customer satisfaction.


How Pella and Simonton Windows Enhance Your Property

The windows in your home or business provide natural light, ventilation, and a connection to the outdoors. Choosing the right window brand can make all the difference in your property’s overall look and feel. Pella and Simonton both have a vast selection of styles and materials to choose from. 

  • Pella offers options such as vinyl, fiberglass, and wood. They also have unique features like their Rolscreen retractable screen, which disappears when not in use, allowing for a clear view. Pella’s respect for craftsmanship results in beautiful and authentic designs in their product lines. They offer a wide range of styles and customizations to fit every customer’s needs. 
  • Simonton Windows are designed for beauty with an impression that is made to last with various designs and styles to choose from. Simonton specializes in vinyl windows and offers multiple styles and colors to enhance your property’s aesthetic. 


Benefits and Advantages of Choosing Pella and Simonton Windows 

There are numerous advantages to selecting Pella or Simonton for your window needs. Here are just a few: 

  • Durability: Both brands use high-quality materials and have rigorous testing standards to ensure their windows will last for many years. This means less maintenance and upkeep for the homeowner. 
  • Energy Efficiency: Both companies take energy efficiency seriously and offer windows with top-of-the-line insulation and weather sealing, which can reduce your energy bills. High energy efficiency windows not only help reduce your energy bills but also help to reduce your environmental impact. 
  • Property Value: Investing in quality windows can boost the overall value of your home. Pella and Simonton’s windows are highly sought after by property owners due to their reputable brand names and superior quality. 
  • Warranties: Pella and Simonton offer industry-leading warranties on their products, giving you peace of mind that your investment is protected. 
  • Security: Pella and Simonton’s windows are designed with security in mind. They feature locks and hardware that meet strict safety standards, giving you added peace of mind. 
  • Noise Reduction: Whether you live on a busy street or near a noisy neighbor, Pella and Simonton windows can help reduce outside noise, creating a quieter and more peaceful indoor environment.
  • Personalization: Pella and Simonton offer a wide range of customization options, so you can make your windows match the style and feel of your property.


5 Factors to Consider When Deciding Whether to Replace Windows:

Their Age

If your windows are over 15 years old, it may be time to consider a replacement. Older windows are less energy efficient and may be more susceptible to leaks and drafts. 

Decreased Functionality

When your windows are difficult to open, close, or lock, it may be a sign that they need to be replaced. Damaged frames, hardware, or glass may also indicate that it’s time for a replacement. 

Low Energy Efficiency

If your energy bills are rising, your windows may be contributing to the issue. Upgrading to energy-efficient premium replacement windows can help you save money on heating and cooling costs. 

Poor Aesthetics

If your windows are outdated or don’t match the style of your home or business, it may be worth considering replacement. New windows can significantly improve curb appeal and enhance the overall look of your property. 

Your Budget

Replacement windows can be a significant investment, so it’s essential to determine how much you can afford to spend. Consider the long-term savings of energy-efficient windows when weighing the costs. 


Why Choose a Leading Window Brand?

Selecting the right windows for your property is an important decision. When choosing Pella or Simonton windows, you get a company with a proven track record of quality, innovation, and dedication to their customers. Whether installing windows in a new build or needing quality replacement windows, take advantage of the opportunity to enhance your property and investment with these industry-leading brands.


Why Hire a Preferred Replacement Window Contractor?

  • Experts in window replacement installation will help property owners select high-quality windows that suit their needs. Windows made from inferior materials or with an inadequate warranty can result in future repair bills or less-than-ideal energy savings.
  • Professionals will ensure the proper installation of your windows. Installing windows without expert attention to detail can lead to energy losses, air leaks, and poor insulation performance. 
  • Incorrect installation can cause damage to the window itself, voiding its warranty. Avoid the worry of poor quality work and protect your investment by hiring professionals dedicated to providing excellent customer satisfaction.
  • Experts have the skill, knowledge, and expertise to complete the project with the highest quality workmanship. 


Work With a Locally Owned Expert 

Banner Construction has been in business for 30 years, beautifying homes throughout St. Louis and St. Charles Counties. Banner is proud to be a St. Louis Preferred Replacement Windows Contractor, offering Pella premium windows, doors, and Simonton vinyl windows. We provide exterior restoration and replacement services, including James Hardie fiber cement siding, premium vinyl siding by Mastic Home Exteriors, and low-maintenance PVC decks. 

At Banner Construction, we’re proud of our outstanding reputation for customer service and performance excellence. We have received the Guidemaster Award for Excellence several years in a row. This award is for reliable service and on-time and on-budget performance. 94% of our clients say they are likely to recommend us. Contact us online or call 314-356-9861 to schedule a free consultation.