Tips on Hiring a Siding Contractor

Hiring siding contractor

Your home’s siding is an aesthetic element that contributes to its curb appeal, but it also provides invaluable protection against the elements. You want to ensure that old and damaged siding is promptly replaced by a professional home siding contractor. Professional siding installers have the knowledge, expertise, and tools necessary to install various types of […]

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Types of Replacement Window Styles


Types of Replacement Window StylesWhen it comes to home improvement, there is a vast range of different areas that a homeowner can choose to work on and many reasons behind each choice. You may have lived in your home for several years, and now you’ve saved up some money and decided that you want to […]

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Benefits of Replacement Windows

 Benefits of Replacement Windows The windows of a building do a lot of things for a home or even a business. One of the most critical functions that windows perform is allowing a building to produce lower electricity bills during the day. Think about it. If a building had no windows, no one in the building would […]

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Chesterfield James Hardie Navajo Beige


CHESTERFIELDThis project was a complete remodel… from the new roof to transforming the style and look of the front portico and walkway, it was a labor of love that now looks like it’s own show home. Siding: ​James HardieColor: Navajo Beige Soffit and Fascia:​ James HardieColor: Navajo Beige Trim: James Hardi and PVC Roof: ​TamkoColor: Mountain SlateDETAILSBeechworth Windows: WhitePorticoConcreteGutters

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Webster Groves James Hardie Smooth Panel

webster groves

WEBSTER GROVESWith the addition of a product like James Hardie, we took the feel of a lovely older home and gave it the update it deserves. Siding: James Hardie ​Smooth PanelColor: Woodstock Brown Soffit and Fascia: ​MasticColor: White Trim: PVCDETAILSAfco ColumnsGutters

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